You’ve probably heard the saying that goes: “You can have it cheapfast, or good. Pick any two.” It’s a clever way to frame some of the most basic choices we have in life.


Sometimes I think the answer really has to be: “Pick one.”

Image has chosen “good”
—good writing, good art, good design and presentation. Because the human heart is nurtured by slowness and by excellence in both craftsmanship and vision.


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There are plenty of “fast” and “cheap” ways of handling art and faith. As you know, they don’t serve either faith or the culture.

That’s why Image is so desperately needed. I wrote about this “slow culture” effect a while back in an Image editorial, concluding that art “stills and slows and centers us, opens us up, and enables us to do what we were made to do, which is to love the world.”



Look, I love that the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, reads and cherishes Image and one of Pope Francis’s right-hand men, the Jesuit Antonio Spadaro, tweets content from our pages almost weekly. I love the stories about Image’s influence in the world.

But when a mother gives her teenage daughter a copy of Image and the girl puts down her cell phone and gets lost in wonder: that’s why I’m honored to do this work, year after year.


I hope you will support our commitment to “slow culture.”

Because we need to keep choosing “good.”


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Gregory Wolfe
Founder & Editor of Image

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