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Issue #238 | April 1st, 2012

Early Oscar Buzz Builds over IMAGE Journal Film
Issue 72: "Welcome to Artlandia" is Here!
New Director of Development Unveils "Master Plan"

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Saints: Braised and Battered at Taste Gallery in Seattle

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New Christian-terest Site Mixes DIY and WWJD


New in the IMAGE E-Store: St. Augustine's Confections
IMAGE Editor Gregory Wolfe Takes Fantasy Sabbatical

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Early Oscar Buzz Builds over IMAGE Journal Film

Excitement is building in Hollywood and beyond following the official trailer release for a major new feature film based on the tumultuous life and times of IMAGE Journal. The film—a lyrical, atmospheric, and profoundly non-linear meditation by avant-garde director Alan Smithee—has already won several awards on the festival circuit, including the “Golden Thumb” at the Des Moines film festival and the coveted “Scheiße Braun” prize at the Deutsche Filmfest in Düsseldorf. Roger Ebert calls it “simultaneously epic and intimate...a disturbing, ecstatic celebration of art, faith, and the dark underbelly of non-profit arts administration.” Village Voice says it’s “a sucker punch to the soul...signaling a renaissance of the whole co-dependent independent film scene.” The reclusive, Idaho-based director Smithee, known for such classic films as Nights of Purgatory, Mediocrelands, and Pocohontas in Love, could not be reached for comment, but we think the trailer says it all. Click on the still below to watch.


Click here to watch the trailer on YouTube.

Issue 72: "Welcome to Artlandia" is Here!

Welcome to Artlandia Long-time subscribers to the journal know that IMAGE began occupying the public square long before occupying the public square became the thing to do. For over twenty years IMAGE has been the culmination of quarterly cool, showcasing art and writing that trailblazes, challenges, and avoids easy labeling. IMAGE retains its trendsetting title with upcoming Issue 72: "Welcome to Artlandia," a special spring edition that shows IMAGE for what it’s always been: the hipster of the Christian art world. Printed on hypoallergenic, locally produced, first forest paper and inked in recycled tofu juice, at first glance issue 72 looks exactly like any other issue. Says managing editor Mary Mitchell, “It’s definitely cool, but don’t worry—it doesn’t come across as cool. That’s a big part of what makes it so cool.” What truly sets this issue apart, however, is the content, including a collection of haunting, atmospheric Instagrams by photographer Michael Wilson that features shots of thrifted ceramic coffee mugs, polyester afghans, and mustaches of various lengths and thickness. Also featured is an interview with Robert Deeble, in which the Seattle-based singer-songwriter reveals plans to release his upcoming record Forever in Skinny Jeans exclusively on vinyl. Other highlights include the poetry sequence “#Hashtag Hell,” and the personal essay “Grass-fed, Free-range Pigtails,” which recollects the challenges of a childhood spent in rural Oregon under the watch of loving, middle-class parents. The short story “Gobbledi-what?” will have you thinking twice before trying to woo a girl with Icelandic pop music. And, in an excerpt from the soon-to-be-released, highly anticipated daily living guide Well-Planned Chaos: How to Achieve Subtle Perfection, readers will find practical tips for bottling their homemade brews, patching bike tires, resoling those vintage Oxfords, and cultivating the perfect decorative library. In his editorial statement for the issue, “Bonaventure, Bon Iver, and Me,” Gregory Wolfe writes, “Being hip isn’t about looking a certain way, or even living a certain lifestyle. It’s about embracing the ironies at the core of our lives. While most people know me as someone who enjoys a single malt whiskey, sometimes I crack open a PBR. Flannery and Fleet Foxes, Kierkegaard and The Kinks—we hope this issue proves IMAGE is truly a both/and organization.”

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New Director of Resource Development Unveils "Master Plan"

Monetize Everything Stuart Scadron-Wattles (real name), the new Director of Resource Development for IMAGE, has seen the future. The future of funding the journal and its many programs, that is. “For years IMAGE has thrived on the support of its donors,” Stuart explained in a recent interview, “but asking people for money is so last year.” His plan? “Monetize the entire organization, of course!” Pressed for examples, the new staff member excitedly listed the following:

*IMAGEgram iPhone App: Do you like using the popular photo-enhancer Instagram? Then you’ll love IMAGEgram. Just take a regular photo then choose one of our filters to alter the look and feel of your image. The popular ‘Mako’ will transform your photo into a richly-colored, glittery abstract piece (with subtle allusions to the book of Isaiah) that will wow your Facebook friends. The more severe ‘Moser’ will give your candid portrait that forbidding woodcut quality that’s hard to capture with a regular lens (but be prepared for a little unexpected nudity).

*IMAGE House of Beauty: Nothing complements a good hairstyle like a sense of literary style. This revenue-generating site on-campus at Seattle Pacific University will combine the best aspects of both traditional beauty and literary salons. Ladies, bring your friends, and browse your favorite IMAGE issues while getting the latest IMAGE updos! When you hit the bars later, remember: beauty and brains is a marriage no man can tear asunder.

*Auctions, Auctions, Auctions: Quarterly online auctions could help maximize cash flow. For instance: what would you pay to spend a day at an IMAGE board meeting? The opportunity to watch a beloved, nationally-renowned poet examine a spreadsheet is not something you get to do every day. Or how about the chance to watch Greg Wolfe grade papers via video feed? (Rated R for "more profanity than you’ve heard since watching The Boondock Saints," this auction would be closed to anyone under eighteen, and is not recommended as a gift for your mother. Results may vary.)

“And this,” continued Stuart, “is just the beginning! When I ran these ideas by IMAGE Director Gregory Wolfe, he said the idea was 'meretricious.' I agreed--I think these ideas are of the highest merit too! After he heard that, he was speechless. Just speechless."

To submit your ideas for monetizing IMAGE, click here.

Men of the Glen

Gallery Watch

Saints: Braised and Battered at Taste Gallery in Seattle

Ashes and Altars This month, culinary connoisseurs from all over Seattle will partake in the world’s first religious art exhibit turned dining experience, Saints: Braised and Battered. Holy saints have long appeared to the faithful in such hallowed forms as the grilled cheese sandwich, the grape Kool-Aid stain, and the twice-baked potato—to the chagrin of foodies everywhere. “Mary deserves better,” says Taste curator Alfonzo Tinetti, “which is why we’ve chosen to depict her in wild Tahitian albacore sashimi with a spray of fresh-picked arugula and a sprinkle of garlic chips.” He adds, snapping his fingers, “Now that’s what I call the Annunciation!” Other showcased pieces (which can be ordered in the dining room at the end of the gallery) include St. Francis seared into a rose-glazed New Zealand red elk medallion with horseradish mousselin and seawater-infused apricot agri-doux; St. Moses the Ethiopian in a sautéed pea tendril salad with roasted hazelnuts, scallions, and strawberry cilantro vinaigrette; and St. Bridget as a warm, honey-crusted beignet. Tinetti, shaking fresh flour from his hands, says, “Saints deserve foods that are worth dying for, don’t you think?”

Tickets to the exhibit will be selling fast, so order yours today.

Message Board
Post here to reach thousands of readers interested in the intersection of art and faith. We welcome messages about job listings, local events, conferences, prizes, calls for papers, and more. Submit your messages by sending an e-mail here.

New Christian-terest Site Mixes DIY and WWJD

Christian-terestAre you so addicted to the online content-sharing site Pinterest that you find yourself in desperate need of a Pintervention, but still feel that something is missing? Do you feel so overwhelmed with the assortment of "secular crafts" that it's difficult to locate new ideas for the kids' Bible School art projects, or the perfect recipe for your Easter ham? If so, you're not alone. We invite you to try "Christian-terest," a place to post images and links that will inspire both creativity and faith in you and your friends. Member Donna Ashbury raves, "My 'By His Stripes We Are Healed' board gets so many comments and re-pins. I love that I can share information about my hand-sewn striped curtains and the Gospel story simultaneously." Mother of three Ruby Baker agrees: "I started my 'Noah's Ark'-themed board after finding a photo of rainbow-colored pancakes I wanted to try to make myself. Even though I eventually added images of baby animals, that original picture is still my favorite. Every time I look at it I am reminded that God promised never to destroy the Earth with water again. And also that I am almost out of syrup." Click here to sign up for free.

ImageNews -- The Scoop on Our Programs

New in the IMAGE E-Store: St. Augustine's Confections

St. Augustine's Confections Taste these sweets and you too will want to cart them away in the night! Inspired by St. Augustine’s most infamous and egregious sin—stealing from a neighbor’s pear tree—these candies can only be described as sinfully delicious. That’s because we’ve mixed Augustine’s two favorite flavors together in one delectable treat: the taste of pear and the taste of shame. What’s more, each wrapper features a delightful scrap of classic Augustinian wit, such as, “Theft is punished by thy law, O Lord,” and “Thus the soul commits fornication when she is turned from thee.” Only $14.99 for a box of candies that will have you saying along with Augustine, “It was foul, and I loved it.” Order today!

IMAGE Editor Gregory Wolfe Takes Fantasy Sabbatical

Fantasy Sabbatical Thanks to new staff hires and a successful fundraising season, IMAGE has never been stronger than it is today, which is why executive director Gregory Wolfe feels now is the time for him to temporarily step aside to dedicate himself more fully to other passions—namely, his fantasy football and baseball teams. "After a disappointing sixth place finish in the Arts and Faith football league, I knew I was cheating myself and my team," Wolfe said. "I mean, I drafted [Tampa Bay running back] LeGarrette Blount in the third round. What happened next is almost too painful to talk about, but I'm hoping to really capture it in my final editorial statement. Which I promise to start working on just as soon as baseball season calms down a little bit." In this time of transition, Wolfe wishes to reassure subscribers and IMAGE friends that his focus has been right where it belongs: on sleepers, trade rumors, and advanced metrics. He’s also strongly denied stories that he’s been caught stalking fantasy commentators Matthew Berry and Stephania Bell at ESPN headquarters or that he’s offered to write a column for called “Art, Faith, and On-base Percentage.” Wolfe has targeted next year's football league as the point at which he will bring his full fantasy acumen to bear, but after that he’ll be back at the office. “I’ve still got a few good years left on the field,” he says. To subscribe to Wolfe's FantasyUpdate newsletter, click here.

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Managing Editor: Tyler McCabe
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Contributors: Shauna Hagreen, Dyana Herron, Anna Johnson, Tyler McCabe, Mary Kenagy Mitchell, Taylor Olsen, David Rither, Stuart Scadron-Wattles, and Gregory Wolfe.

Credits: Barry Moser photo by Leonard Nimoy, courtesy R. Michelson Galleries

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