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Issue 78


New work by Richard Rodriguez, Jennifer Maier, Javier Sicilia, and Karen An-hwei Lee. Gregory Wolfe on the meaning of comedy in our time, Jeffrey Overstreet on the collaborative portraits of Fritz Liedtke, and more.


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Editorial Statement

3–Gregory Wolfe, The Steeple and the Gargoyle


7–Molly McNett, La Pulchra Nota

45–Molly Patterson, Père David Speaks of the Panda


19–Javier Sicilia, The Track in the Wilderness
Translated by Dan Bellm

40–Bruce Beasley, Repetition Compulsion
Cleft for Me Let Me Hide Myself from Thee

61–Garret Keizer, Of Unicorns
When Honor Faced Off Against No Honor
When It Was Still Possible to Turn….

78–Karen An-Hwei Lee, Forgiveness IV

92–Elizabeth Spires, March: Saint John the Divine
Self-Portrait as Lighthouse

109–Dick Allen, Shortnin’ Bread
Quantum Physicists in a Night Garden

120–Jennifer Maier, A True Story


80–A Conversation with Robert Clark

Visual Arts

27–Jeffrey Overstreet, To Make People Wonder: The Collaborative Portraits of Fritz Liedtke

66–Beth McCoy, Second Line and the Art of Witness: Steve Prince’s Katrina Suite


94–Richard Rodriguez, Transit Alexander

Book Review

111–Melissa Range, Katy Didden’s The Glacier’s Wake, Kathryn Maris’s God Loves You, Mary Szybist’s Incarnadine

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