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Craft classes and seminars are capped at 15 to 20 students to allow individualized attention from our world-class faculty. Secure your spot now!

The Glen Workshop combines the best elements of a craft workshop, arts festival, and spiritual retreat. Held this year in Seattle, the Glen offers community, challenge, and encouragement for writers, visual artists, art-lovers, and spiritual wayfarers who want to grow in their craft, wrestle with questions of art and faith, and connect with others who share their passions.

All attendees have access to:

  • Five days of programming, including evening and afternoon faculty presentations (readings, interviews, craft talks, and more), open mic sessions to share your work, morning chapel, and free time for rest, connection, or local excursions.
  • A craft class or seminar. You’ll choose one class to stick with for the week, participating in 5 three-hour sessions, Monday through Friday mornings. Concentrate on a literary or visual art practice in a craft class, or explore art and ideas through discussion in a seminar. For many attendees, the class or seminar experience is the heart of the Glen. (If you prefer having mornings free to write, paint, hike, rest, or explore, choose the morning retreat option and save $300.)

Full programming + a morning class or seminar | $1450

Full programming + morning retreat time | $1150

Housing and meal plans available.

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