A Letter from Lauren F. Winner

It perhaps should go without saying that Image is the standard-bearer for faith-inflected literary and artistic work. It has done more than any other single publication to gain a broad hearing for irenic Christian writing, and it has done more than any other single publication to encourage Christians to attend to art. And to be clear, the terrain the journal maps when it maps “faith” isn't limited to those who say they have it. Two issues ago, for example, I was surprised and delighted to read poetry by Michel Houellebecq--I knew him as a writer concerned with (and profound about) faith (though, as I understand it, he doesn't claim any)… Beyond its routinely excellent and thematically wide-ranging poetry, fiction, and essays, Image is to be especially commended for its interviews. These interviews are exceedingly astute on their own terms--especially about literature and literary lives…The various programs Image has spun off over the years – the creative writing MFA; the novels published under the imprint Slant; the Good Letters blog (if you haven’t read the blog, begin with Robert Clark’s amazing Christmasy musings on Christina Rossetti)–indicate something about the vital work the journal does for its many readers. In particular, the Glen Workshop, which offers tyro and expert students alike weeklong workshops in creative writing, visual arts, film, and criticism, has been a place where hundreds of people have been nurtured as artists, and when where people “find their tribe,” a tribe of other artists for whom both art and faith are urgent concerns…  Image has always been deeply committed to publishing, among accomplished luminaries, relatively new writers…The generosity Image extended to me is characteristic of the journal; it’s been life-changing for many of us.

—Lauren F. Winner, 2017


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