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By Bryce A. Taylor Poetry

were onto something, separating the good god / from all of this, but you’re so stubborn, you / insist on hanging dead in the web

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By Thomas Lynch Poetry

And so, emboldened by what the angel told them, / off they went toward Bethlehem to find / the swaddled babe and manger and lolling beasts, / their beauty and their beings ramified / in carols lightening our lamentations

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Rose Petals Burned

By Jeannine Hall Gailey Poetry

We cannot see our loved ones, shut into hospitals / like mysterious shrines, taken out alive or dead. // They close our eyes. We have no say in whether / we breathe or not.

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The Drowned Man

By Charlie Green Poetry

When Moses led / the senseless run toward the waters, I pulled / the reins to slow my horses. But then the sea / diverged itself into two walls and stood / as if held by glass.

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