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While my dog examined the yellow messages
On lampposts
And in the dry grass
And morsed back messages of its own
I asked myself
Am I holding the dog by the leash
Or is it the other way around
And the dog is holding me?

Maybe it seems foolish to involve God in this
But who holds whom?
Are we holding God by the leash or is it the other way around?
I think that those who tamed fire
And the horse
Invented the plough
And wrote dreams on skin
Also invented God.
And as time has gone by
This unique invention
Has acquired more and greater strength
And developed into a higher power
And in a very human way
This being does not hold back in appointing itself creator of the universe

These were my thoughts last night
While the dog examined messages in the grass


Translated from the Faroese by Matthew Landrum and Tóta Árnadóttir

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