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Glen Workshop 2019
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Dear friends,

Our fundraising season is in full swing.

Before I make any appeals, I want to express my sincere appreciation for the meaningful ways you’ve supported our work over the last year. You’ve sustained us through a complex time of transition.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and affirmation as we’ve announced changes and new hires. Thank you for reading the journal and giving our online content your valuable attention. Thank you for being part of our community: for attending the Glen Workshop, applying for our prizes, volunteering your time, and for your financial gifts.

We don’t take any of this for granted. Your generosity, exhortation, sense of hope, and appreciation for what we do, are acts of friendship, and this camaraderie emboldens us for our work each day.

Making art is hard. For artists of faith, there are additional challenges. Skepticism and dismissiveness can come from many quarters: the church, the art world, one’s own head.

Friends who really understand an artist’s sense that she has a sacred calling can be scarce.

It’s a rare artist who can keep going without a community, a sense of an audience, a sense that someone out there is listening and cares. 

Image has always aimed to be a tent of meeting, a place where all sorts of people who should be enemies want to be together because Image is where they find others grappling with the mystery that haunts them or hounds them or is their only hope. Image is like a gallery that gathers the most remarkable motley of people who can’t believe they’re supposed to be friends.

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We hope and believe that the community that has grown up around Image gives artists of faith steely fortitude and courage to do their work in faith. 

We remain committed to our mission of cultivating a vibrant creative community of friends and collaborators, one that little by little is changing the cultural conversation. And we’re taking concrete steps to do so.

Over the last year we've:

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Recruited a team of leaders in literature and the arts, organizational and program management, marketing and PR for publishing, and strategic audience and fund development. Read our staff bios and reach out. We'd love to get to know you. 

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Created a new suite of programs and events. In the past, the print journal has been the primary on-ramp to the Image community along with the beloved Glen Workshop, which garnered its highest-ever attendance in 2019. Moving forward, you’ll see new programs and services that each allow us to identify and celebrate new artists across platforms.

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash

Launched a vigorous marketing strategy with new pathways for audience engagement, including dynamic social media, a revamped e-newsletter, a relaunch of our podcast, better showcasing of Image’s back catalog, and speaking engagements that build our community.

Enriched our editorial vision with help from an international dream team of editors and advisors—a group of nearly thirty collaborators who will grow Image’s creative base in distinctive and exciting ways.

Over thirty years, this work has been and continues to be the result of friends like you who care deeply about the intersection of art and faith. 

Our fundraising goal for this campaign is $150K. Will you help us meet that goal?

With your support, we will continue to build on our thirty-year legacy and live out our founding vision. Whether you donate five or five hundred dollars, your gift will be part of our renewed vision—one that emphasizes the power of collaboration and community to foster world-changing art.

Sincerely yours,

Gregory Pennoyer
Executive Director


This is the hashtag we’re using to track the momentum of our fundraising campaign. Any time you make a donation or share news with your followers and friends, please include it! We’re excited to see your posts.

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Lorna Goodison
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Daniel Nayeri
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Glen Workshop 2019
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Sedrick Huckaby in Big Momma’s house (Photo: Rambo). Pictured with: Daddy and Rising Sun, 2013. Oil on canvas. Each 72 x 48 inches.
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Michael Takeo Magruder
Liz Vice head shot
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