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We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions below. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Image staff if you need clarification or have additional questions:


Can I pay my registration fee in installments?
Yes. When you register you’ll be given two options:

  1. pay in full
  2. pay in five monthly installments, starting with 20 percent down at registration. You’ll be automatically billed for the balance in four monthly installments concluding no later than one month before the Glen begins. If you register within five months of the Glen, your monthly payment percentage amount will be increased accordingly.


What is your refund policy?
The Glen Workshop offers the following refund options:

until March 1—registered attendees who cancel no later than March 1 will be given the option of receiving a 65 percent refund on full class fees, or applying 100 percent of paid fees toward registration for the 2020 Glen Workshop.

until May 1registered attendees who cancel no later than May 1 will have the option of receiving a 50 percent refund of full class fees, or applying 100 percent of paid fees toward registration for the 2020 Glen Workshop.

Are scholarships to the Glen available?
Yes. Information about scholarships is available here.

I’d like to send someone else to the Glen. Do you offer gift certificates?
Yay! And yes! You can Give the Glen via this link and we’ll create a custom e-card you can send to your lucky friend.


What are the lodging options?
A single dorm room means you have a room to yourself, with a door into the hallway.

A double dorm room means two people share a room, with semi-private sleeping areas. There’s a door between you, but only one door to the hall. Note: If you are attending with your spouse, you can stay in adjoining double rooms and move the two single beds into the same bedroom and use the “extra” bedroom for luggage and lounging (or not, we won’t judge).

A triple dorm room means you’re sharing a room with three people, with semi-private sleeping areas. There are doors between you, but only one door to the hall (from the center sleeping area).
All dorm lodging has communal hallways and you’ll be sharing a gender-specific bathroom with fellow Glen attendees on your floor. Most of the dorm rooms are about 50 yards up the hill from the main lecture building (see the campus map). For those with limited mobility, there are dorm rooms without stairs.

Suites are clusters of five single rooms sharing one bathroom.

The suites are about 200 yards up a short road from the main lecture building (see the campus map).

Apartments have two bedrooms, with either singles in both rooms, or a single in one and a full-sized bed in the other. If you’re hoping for a full-sized bed, please let us know—first come, first served.

What are the dorms really like?
These are spartan accommodations—think of it as summer camp for grown-ups! When you walk in your room, you’ll find a chair, a desk, and a bed. On your bed you’ll find a stack of folded linens—two flat sheets, a pillow and pillow case, two simple blankets, two towels, and a washcloth.

There is no air conditioning on campus, but the dry climate and pueblo-style architecture of the buildings keep things cool. Most attendees are surprised to find that no A/C is required even in the middle of summer. That said, there will be a limited number of small fans available on request.

All other amenities are up to you!

Is there anything I can bring to make my stay in the dorms a bit more comfortable?
You’re welcome to bring your own towels, linens, and/or mattress pad to make your stay in the dorms more comfortable. We also recommend shower shoes or flip-flops and a robe for the communal hallways.

Where is the lodging in relationship to the classes and lecture halls?
Most of the dorm rooms are about 50 yards up the hill from the main lecture building (see the campus map). The suites are about 200 yards up a short road. For those with limited mobility, there are dorm rooms without stairs; and the grand majority of Glen events take place in a building with an elevator. If you’re concerned about getting around at the Glen, write our office here.

Do I have to stay on campus?
Not at all! If dorms aren’t your cup of tea, you can register as a commuter and handle your own hotel accommodations.

Does my registration include meals?
Yes! Registration Our meals are served cafeteria style, and there are options for many dietary restrictions.  If you have a concern about food allergies, please write the Glen staff. We’ll work with the St. John’s team to confirm we can accommodate you.


I have limited mobility. Can we discuss the location of my class and/or on-campus lodging?
Absolutely. Contact us at and we’ll sort it out.

Can you accommodate my disability?
Short answer: We sure hope so. Longer answer: Hospitality is central to the mission of the Glen and it’s a pleasure and honor to create space that is accessible to people with a wide variety of experiences of embodiment. If you have any concerns about the Glen being accessible to you, please contact us asap at so we can discuss the details and make arrangements for you to be here with us.

Can you accommodate my food allergies?
If you have a concern about food allergies, please write the Glen staff at We’ll work with St. John’s dining services to confirm we can accommodate you.

I’m Buddist/ Muslim/ Atheist/ Evangelical/ Jewish/ Spiritual/[insert religion here]… is that ok?
Yes! The Glen is framed by Christian tradition, but all are welcome. Worship services are optional.



Where do I fly into?
The nearest major airport is Albuquerque International Sunport, about one hour south of the St. John’s College campus. There is an airport in Santa Fe, but it’s usually more expensive and only about 20 minutes closer.

What is the address of St. John’s College?
1160 Camino Cruz Blanca Santa Fe, NM 87505

How do I get to campus from the airport?
Several car rental agencies are located at the Albuquerque airport. A more economical option is to take the Sandia Shuttle to/from St. John’s College. For your departure reservations, we recommend a shuttle pickup two hours before your desired airport arrival. Keep in mind that the earliest shuttle on Sunday morning, August 6, arrives at the airport around 6:30 am.

If I drive, does my registration include parking?

How will I get around during the Glen?
Glen participants are responsible for their travel to and during the Glen. The vast majority of events will take place on the campus of St. John’s College,  and most participants will fly into the area and take an airport shuttle to and from campus without need for an additional vehicle. However, please bear in mind it’s likely some optional afternoon and evening events will take place off campus and require carpooling, cabs, and/or nominal additional fees for group transportation


What is the difference between a “workshop” and a “seminar”?
Workshops are hands-on, craft-based classes in which artists working at all levels can enhance their skills. Seminars offer both artists and appreciators of art opportunities for critical engagement with beauty, mystery, and faith. These classes are deeply experiential and tend to be discussion based.

My workshop says I need to send work. How do I do that?
We’ll give you the details to upload your work online when we get closer to July.

What is the weather like during the Glen?
Santa Fe has a high desert climate at an elevation of 7,000 feet, and the temperature averages a high of 83° during the day and a low of 51° at night in August. The elevation may cause some altitude sickness or shortness of breath at the beginning of the week, but water intake alleviates many of these side effects. If you drink a lot of water when you arrive, you'll likely experience nothing more than a little shortness of breath.

Is there free Wi-Fi on campus?

What should I pack?
Dress is casual at the Glen. Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, and pack a rain jacket in the event of a summer storm. And here are a few other items you may want with you:

  • a water bottle
  • an alarm clock or other method of waking yourself up
  • headphones
  • a coffee thermos
  • your favorite linens, towels, and/or mattress pad
  • shower shoes or flip-flops
  • a bathrobe

Can I buy art supplies in Santa Fe so I don't have to pack them?
There is a great art supply store in Santa Fe (about 15 minutes from the campus) called Artisan.

About               Classes               Schedule               Registration               FAQ

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