Drawing & the Nature of Art
with Barry Moser

Barry Moser

Barry Moser was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He was educated at both the University of Chattanooga and Auburn University, where he spent two years as a Methodist preacher, and later did graduate work at the University of Massachusetts. He later received a Doctor of Fine Arts degree from both Westfield State College and Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Though primarily known as an illustrator, Moser has a broad background in a variety of other mediums such as printmaking, designing, typography, woodwork, and painting, and incorporates his talents as an essayist and author into his work. He is currently a Professor in Residence in the Department of Art at Smith College in Massachusetts. His illustrative work is featured most notably in Arion Press’ Moby Dick, and the Pennyroyal Caxton Bible (1999), which has been exhibited in both the Library of National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Drawing & the Nature of Art

This workshop is part studio and part seminar. We will be drawing from a live model each day. Using very simple and limited media—pencil, markers and the like—we will focus on the fully nude human form. Students will use classic principles and exercises to better understand the art of drawing.

We’ll also engage in brief discussions regarding selected reading materials by various artists about the nature of art, including Ingmar Bergman, Ben Shahn, e.e. cummings, and others. The reading assignments will not be burdensome.

No previous experience is necessary or required.

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