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Making the Invisible Known:
Introduction to Abstract
Expressionist Painting
with Lanecia Rouse Tinsley

The 2020 Glen Workshop will take place online July 27-31.
Classes will meet for three hours each day beginning at 11am eastern.

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Class Description

In this course we will explore the Post-World War II movement, Abstract Expressionism and engage in creative process of self-expression to reveal what lies within us through introspection and directing the energies of our exploration upon the canvas.

Emerging in the 1940s’ in New York City, Abstract Expressionism is an art movement regarded by many as the golden age of American art. The movement is marked by its use of texture and brushstrokes, with an emphasis on the creative spontaneous act and intuitive emotional expression often on large canvases. Over the years the name has come to describe the words of artists like Joan Mitchell, Norman Lewis, Willem de Kooning, Elaine de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Lee Krasner, Jackson Pollock, Edward Clark, Helen Frankenhaler, and Franz Kline.

We will take an in-depth look at the work, techniques, and processes of three artists who have been considered Abstract Expressionist painters (Ed Clark, Helen Frankenthaler, and Mark Rothko) and use them as a starting point for our own work.

By the end of the workshop you will have learned a series of new abstract painting techniques, how to stretch a canvas, and an intro understanding of abstraction that you can carry with you for a lifetime.

What Others are Saying

“Lanecia provided the guidance I needed to kickstart my art practice.”
— 2019 Glen Attendee

“Lanecia was an excellent teacher. I got even more from her class at the Glen than I hoped.” 
— 2019 Glen Attendee

“Lanecia’s artwork is known for subtle manipulations of color and texture applied through a variety of material. Heavily influenced by abstract expressionism, she paints emotions into her art, building up layers that represent the landscape of the human condition. . . . Her art deftly unifies soft and hard; balancing the contrast between the ethereal memories in her cyanotype prints and the raw moments in her textured paintings. Her process is deeply personal, and yet, as you spend time with the marks, textures, and visual components in the art, you are reminded of your wanderings through life.”
— Dana Caldera


Lanecia Rouse Tinsley is a multidisciplinary artist based in Houston, TX, who specializes in abstraction. Her portfolio also includes a range of work in photography, painting, teaching, writing, and speaking. She is the owner and creator of LAR Art Studio and works primarily out of Studio D of Hardy Studios.

Lanecia creates out of a desire to make the invisible landscapes within and the human condition known, using texture, form ,and color to speak to life upon various surfaces in ways words cannot. Fascinated by history and story, her work also explores the “negative spaces” in life–those times of ambiguity and uncertainty, silence and mystery through subtle textures, color, markings, and layers to create a history within each piece.

Lanecia has an a MDiv from Duke University Divinity School and a BA in sociology from Wofford College. In addition to her work through LAR Art Studio, Lanecia is artist-in-residence with Holy Family HTX, co-spiritual director with projectCURATE, and is co-founder and co-creative director of ImagiNoir Group, an international alliance and think tank of black activists, artists, writers, scholars, and educators.

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