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Mobile Devices as Instruments of Reflection and Artistic Expression
a filmmaking workshop with Daniel E. García

Our ancestors didn’t know that those drawings they left in caves were actually the fingerprints of their sensitivities, testimonies to their worldviews, and artistic manifestation of their experiences. Theory and criticism always come after the actual creative practice. Humanity has done this two-step dance since the beginning; a new instrument becomes part of everyday life and before reflection takes place the fingerprints of our spiritual wanderings are imprinted on it.

Fifteen years have passed since the first mobile phone with a camera was widely available and since then cell phone videos have expanded and deepened much of our interactions and expressive practices. The cameras in our phones have been used to create everything from funny memes to award winners in the world’s most prestigious film festivals to social revolutions. In this workshop we will engage both the practice and theory of filmmaking with mobile phones, combining technical training with an examination how the devices function as artistic tools as well as opportunities for mindful exploration.

Participants will get hands-on training in the technical skills of audiovisual storytelling, plus we’ll explore the intrinsic qualities of mobile devices and how they shape our communication practices and habits. Through creative exercises, participants will acquire or enhance their skill in capturing audiovisual media while expanding their understanding of the technical and stylistic potential of mobile devices.

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