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Practicing Mennonite Photography
a photography workshop with Lisa Beth Anderson

“I have written this book in part to encourage myself to slow down, to heighten my imagination, to renew myself while I gain a new view of the creation and the creator.”
— Howard Zehr in Contemplative Photography

Steeped in Mennonite commitments to pacifism and the community’s experience of migration and being the Other, photographer Howard Zehr has pioneered a way of seeing that imagines the camera as an instrument of justice. In this workshop, we’ll build on the ideas Zehr presents in Contemplative Photography to decolonize our photographic practice, freeing it of militaristic language and traditional power dynamics in order to participate more fully in creation.

Out with the old metaphors that describe our photographic work as shooting and taking. Out with the exoticization of the Other. We will explore the connective and empowering capacity of making photographs.

During our time together we will each create a series of photographs that embrace this distinctly Mennonite philosophy of seeing. We will entertain the potential of deep captioning as narrative device. We will flip the script to perform fieldwork as a photographic subject. Together we will explore a photographic practice rooted in wonder, respect, and humility.

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