July 30 - August 6, 2017
St. John’s College
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Situated in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the Glen Workshop is equal parts creative workshop, arts festival, and spiritual retreat. The Glen’s arresting natural environment is contrasted by its casual and inviting crowd of artists, writers, musicians, art appreciators, and spiritual wayfarers of all stripes.


Worship Led by Kathleen Norris

Like Image itself, the Glen is an ecumenical Christian enterprise that seeks to balance inclusiveness with a clear Christian identity. Since we are human, we will always fail at this balancing act, but our efforts should be sincere and sensitive. We hope the combination of prayer-filled music with thoughtful reflection will create a worship experience that is rich and welcoming.

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Broken and Shared: Art and Sacrifice

The theme for the Glen Workshop this year, “Broken and Shared: Art and Sacrifice,” will provide a focal point for discussion throughout the week.

The making of art demands sacrifices. As most artists know, art is large, unruly, and excruciatingly inefficient, demanding time and mental space. All artists make sacrifices, or ask friends and family to do so: we put paid careers on a slower track; we give up time or leisure; we ask others to cover for us. For most of us, the art often gets sacrificed instead: we work more slowly because of obligations to loved ones or community. Something has to give.

If art requires us to carve out space, time, matter, and energy to bring it into existence, then there is another way of looking at art as sacrifice: the work we make is itself a kind of offering. It isn’t practical; it seldom gets us much in the way of material gain. It’s a pouring out of the best of ourselves for the sake of something we may not even be able to describe. Art belongs to what poet David Jones calls “the donated and votive things…the things in some sense made separate…that partake of the extra-utile and of the gratuitous…. Things set up, lifted up, or in whatever manner made over to the gods.”

We hope that this week, while acknowledging the pain of the sacrifices art requires, we can set them inside a larger framework that lets us see the enduring value of art’s extravagance. After all, at the center of the Christian story is the notion that sacrifice is not a shame, a waste, a failure of strategy, or a foolish miscalculation, but an act of beauty and dignity that bears the seeds of a profound redemption.

Workshops, Seminars, and the Schedule

When you register, you’ll choose from among ten workshop and seminar experiences led by acclaimed artists. Workshops and seminars gather each morning during the Glen. During the afternoons and evenings, the Glen faculty offer a smorgasbord of readings, lectures, art presentations, screenings, and concerts for all. Amid these riches, there are also opportunities to share your work at open mics, converse and laugh over good food and drink, seek contemplation and hike the beautiful wilderness, and explore the rich culture of the American Southwest.

Learn about workshops, seminars, and the daily schedule here.

Accommodations at the Glen

St. John’s College is an active college campus on a gently sloping hillside three miles from downtown Santa Fe. The workshops, dining hall, and parking areas are all within a three-minute walk of each of the five different room options.

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Register Today

A non-refundable deposit of $200 saves your spot in the workshop or seminar of your choice. The total cost of the Glen depends on your room choice, on- or off-campus. We also have scholarships available.

It’s more than a 7-day workshop. Registration includes:

  • all your meals
  • access to over ten readings, lectures, visual art presentations, and Q&As,
  • proximity to Santa Fe, home to world-class restaurants, galleries, and sacred sites like Chimayo and the Loretto Chapel,
  • daily optional worship services,
  • a dance party,
  • two wine and cheese receptions,
  • a private concert with Over the Rhine,
  • unheard-of opportunities for personal and professional attention from nationally acclaimed faculty,
  • and opportunities to share your work with the warmest community you can imagine.

Scholarships are available on a rolling basis. Apply today!

Glen scholarships are made possible through the generosity of donors like you. Donate today to contribute to the Glen scholarship fund.


What do these room choices mean? Click here to read about room accommodations.

Getting Here:
Travel, Packing Tips, and FAQs

You’ve registered for the Glen—now what?
Learn about travel, Santa Fe’s climate, and more here.

Thanks to many friends for donating their photos of the Glen for our website, especially Bob Denst and David Rither.

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