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Each day at the Glen follows a similar format: classes in the morning and a variety of optional faculty lectures, readings, interviews, concerts, field trips, open mics, and worship services incorporating the arts. Thursday is wide open to rest, create, and explore.

A detailed schedule will be available in early summer 2020. A basic outline of our week is below.

All details subject to change.

Sunday Afternoon, July 26

2-6pm                   Registration | Peterson Student Center
5pm                      Newcomers Orientation | Junior Common Room
6pm                      Dinner | Dining Hall
7:30pm                 Welcome | Great Hall
8pm                      Opening Reception | Junior Common Room

Daily Schedule Outline (except Thursday)

6:30am                  Yoga | Great Hall
8am                       Breakfast | Dining Hall
8:45am                  Worship | Great Hall
9:30am-12:30pm   Classes | Locations Vary
12:30pm                Lunch | Dining Hall
2pm                       Faculty Showcase | Great Hall / Group Hike | Koi Pond
3:15pm                  Faculty Showcase | Great Hall
4:30pm                  Faculty Showcase | Great Hall
5:30pm                  Prayer | Junior Common Room
6pm                       Dinner | Dining Hall
7:30pm                  Faculty Showcase | Great Hall
9pm                       Music Open Mic | Junior Common Room

Sunday, August 2

8–10am                  Continental Breakfast | dining hall
Noon                     Check out

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