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Submission Guidelines

We welcome unsolicited submissions and consider all submissions carefully. Because of limited staff time, we’re not able to guarantee personalized feedback, but please know that we’re grateful to each writer who takes the risk of sharing work with us. We produce two publications: Image, a quarterly journal, and Good Letters, our web exclusive content.

All the work we publish reflects what we see as a sustained engagement with one of the western faiths—Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. That engagement can include unease, grappling, or ambivalence as well as orthodoxy; the approach can be indirect or allusive, but for a piece to be a fit for Image or Good Letters, some connection to faith must be there.

issue 82


Image is a quarterly journal publishing poetry, fiction, longer essays, interviews, work in translation, and artist profiles.

We ask those who wish to query or submit work to read the journal and get an idea of the type and range of material we publish. You can browse our website or order back issues here.

Queries can be sent to the relevant section editor, but please click through to Submittable below and read our complete guidelines first.

We do accept simultaneous submissions. Please update us right away if work is placed elsewhere. Our current response time runs up to five months.

Upon acceptance, we offer a contract for first serial rights. Upon publication we pay a per-page rate, plus four copies. We do not accept previously published material, including web-published or self-published material.

We do not take submissions by email or paper mail.

Within Submittable, each category (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art) includes a few genre-specific guidelines.

Bob Denst Glen West 2012 (164)

Good Letters

Good Letters publishes personal and cultural essays that engage with art and faith.

We are currently looking for artist and author interviews, reviews, and personal essays that are concrete and experiential. These pieces should make fresh connections between art, theology, and personal experience.

Length is 1,000 to 2,000 words.

We don’t publish sermons or scholarly essays, and we don’t accept previously published material, including web-published or self-published material.

Please note that the poems used in the occasional Poetry Friday features are taken from the print journal; that is, we don’t accept Poetry Friday submissions.

We do not take submissions by email or mail.

Welcome to Image. 

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