A Letter from Richard Rodriguez


I am a writer who needs Image to survive. Wasn’t that what Emerson said? It takes a good reader to make a good book. Image is my good reader. I am a writer otherwise in a city that does not seriously read.  Strangers stare at cellphones as they walk along the street. The noblest conversations among souls on my bookshelves are now met by tweets or Amazon reader responses. A thumb raised up or down on Facebook indicates boredom or “liking” or whimsy. The great subject of Image is mystery—the mystery that resides within the complexity of our best words and our most searching art. You do not need to be a religious person to attend to such mystery. But you need to be desperate for serious human company, the company of those aware of the mystery that attends the night and the day. For such a person has Image been published, year after year.

—Richard Rodriguez, 2017

          Will you help us continue to make Image?

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