Refine and inspire your creative abilities through one-on-one encounters with writers and artists featured in Image and at our Glen Workshops.

Green Typewriter


Whatever your chosen genre, the classes offered through the Glen Online provide the opportunity to hone your craft with the personal guidance of one of the highly regarded writers featured in Image. You complete assignments at your own pace, over a maximum time period of six months, and discuss your writing with your mentor one-on-one over email. The private Glen Online forum on Image’s discussion board,, gives you easy access to readings and assignments and enables you to share your work with other students.


Manuscript Critique

The Manuscript Critique is the ideal option for those seeking editorial guidance on a book or another extended project. Your writing mentor provides both general analysis of your manuscript and focused revision suggestions, and then responds to your revised drafts in detail. The goal is simple: to connect you with the practical wisdom of an experienced writing mentor to get your writing project where it needs to be—and at $695 for up to six months of mentoring, for much less than the cost of a freelance editorial consultation.

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