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Issue 68

Gregory Wolfe takes on the modern saying, “I’m spiritual but not religious,” flipping it on its head; Robert Clark writes lovingly of director Terence Davies; and Rod Pattenden explores how the art of Emmanuel Garibay is “an artist for our time, when art, politics, religion, and power collide.” With poems by Scott Cairns, Kate Daniels, and Steven Haven; a conversation with poet and playwright Jeanne Murray Walker; fiction by Charles Turner; essays by Judith Rock and Deborah Joy Corey; and more.

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Issue 45

Jeanne Murray Walker writes about what playwrights owe to actors; Gregory Wolfe investigates the impact of Fr. Luigi Guissani’s life; and Thomas Lynch redesigns his house a century after his grandfather’s grandfather moved in. With poetry by Linda Hogan and Jason Gray; a conversation with Canadian poet Margaret Avison; Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead and Wendell Berry’s Hannah Coulter under review; and more.

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Issue 40

A conversation with author Dan Wakefield; fiction by Robert Olen Butler and Ingrid Hill; and featuring Theodore L. Prescott in art and essay. Plus, poetry John Leax, Martha Serpas, and Davide Rondoni; photographs by David Herwaldt; an essay by Jeanne Murray Walker; and more.

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Issue 34

A conversation with Richard Rodriguez; Jeanne Murray Walker explores the work of Alice Munro; and Gregory Wolfe writes about Thomas Kinkade and American sentimentality. With poems by Julia Spicher Kasdorf, Gray Jacobik, and Heather Burns; the paintings of Meltem Aktas; Bo Caldwell in review; and more.

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Issue 33

A conversation with Mark Jarman; poetry by Mary Oliver, Jennifer Maier, Jeanne Murray Walker, and Neil Azevedo; and Bret Lott on the diminishing returns of irony. Plus, fiction by R.J. Wiebe and Janice Lee; a profile on Tobi Kahn and the art of Ginger Geyer; and more.

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Issue 30

With essays by Hwee Hwee Tan, Denis Donoghue, and Jeanne Murray Walker; a conversation with National Book Award-winner Lloyd Alexander; and the “weirdness of modern faith” as portrayed by Melissa Weinman. Plus, poetry by Margaret Avison, Kelly Le Fave, Catherine Sasanov, and Roger Williams; fiction by David McGlynn; and more.

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Issue 20

Editorial statement by Ronald Austin on the secular and religious in film, as well as an essay on violence in film; a short story on orthodoxy and film by Ira Gold; a screenplay adapted from novel “Fluties” by Diane Glancy; snippets of humanity in two poems by Jeanne Murray Walker; and a symposium on films which impact our spirituality in the opinion of Kathleen Norris, Sven Birkets, Edward Asner, and more.

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Issue 11

Issue 11 includes the opening chapter of Wally Lamb’s new novel, Forgive Me; an interview with Doris Betts, as well as an essay on the Christian vocation amidst the secular academy; poems by Jeanne Murray Walker, René Char, Steven Schreiner; oil on canvas done by Lawrence B. Salander; an excerpt of the play For Better or for Worse by Gillette Elvgren; and more.

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Issue 3

Issue 3 includes a mythical short story by Owen Barfield; an interview with fiction writer and essayist Andre Dubus III, as well as an excerpt from his novel Bluesman; Dana Gioia’s Descent to the Underground, translated from Act III of Seneca’s Hercules Furens; poems by Jeanne Murray Walker, John Leax, and Kurt Hoeksema; the paintings of Edward Knippers and profile written by Theodore Prescott; and more.

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Poetry Friday: “The Years Were Patient with Me”

By Jeanne Murray WalkerApril 20, 2018

I love this poem because it mirrors the passing of time, patiently guiding readers through the speaker’s perspectives on truth. The structure of the poem resembles a list, providing four metaphors for how truth moves in the world. The poem’s relationship with truth is a relationship characterized by time and movement. Even before we reach…

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