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God’s Grandeur

By Jeanne Murray WalkerFebruary 12, 2015

A gathering of painters, composers, theologians, environmentalists, and poets from all over the country has spent the last two days, meeting here around the clock. We have shared our art with one another and considered, in this wild place, the predicament we have in common as citizens of the earth. We know beyond any doubt that we humans have damaged the planet. Polar ice is melting. The earth’s climate zones are suddenly shifting. Weather is veering toward violence. Sea levels are rising.

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When Publishers or the Public Reject You

By Peggy RosenthalNovember 26, 2018

“Van Gogh did not sell a single painting during his lifetime, became increasingly unhinged, and shot himself at the age of thirty-seven.” So writes poet Jeanne Murray Walker in her engaging essay in the current issue of Image (#98), “Sandals on the Ground: My Pilgrimage with the Sonnet.” Walker’s sentence about Van Gogh reminds me…

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Issue 98

$12.00Add to cart $10 Digital Issue Issue 98 Image issue #98’s cover features the work of Israeli painter Shai Azoulay, a playful mystic; this painting is from a series in which he imagines himself making art out of the scraps left behind on Matisse’s studio floor. Lauren Winner constructs an abecedary of art and truth.…

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Issue 85

$12.00Add to cart $10 Digital Issue Issue 85 It is difficult to find a language in which faith and science can speak to each other. For some, faith and science are competing systems of thought, and an intellectually responsible person must make a choice between them, especially when it comes to questions about the origins…

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Knit Two, Purl a Poem

By Peggy RosenthalJune 9, 2009

This post isn’t just for knitters. It’s for anyone who reads poetry—or prose. I’d love your help in sleuthing for knitting metaphors: in poetry especially, but wherever they happen to turn up. In my previous post, I mused on knitting as a way of meditating with poetry. Today I want to turn the tables and…

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Issue 53

$12.00Add to cart Issue 53 Image managing editor Mary Kenagy Mitchell writes about the fiction writer and her characters; Gregory Wolfe explores the relationship between faith and reason in Islam; and Bradford Winters introduces the illuminated St. John’s Bible. With a conversation with environmental writer Scott Russell Sanders; the still, quiet work of Wolfgang Laib;…

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Poets and Pope Embrace our Planet

By Peggy RosenthalJuly 28, 2015

Let’s just take some of the poets in the special issue of Image (#85) on “Evolution and the Imago Dei.” (And since Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Sì came out nearly the same time as Image, I hear the Pope conversing with the poets.)

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Bearing the Mystery: Twenty Years of Image

Bearing the Mystery brings together in one handsome volume the best fiction, poetry, essays, and visual art from Image‘s first twenty years—the work of nearly seventy writers and twenty visual artists (represented in sixteen glorious color plates). With a special introduction by founder and editor Gregory Wolfe that meditates on the journal’s mission, Bearing the Mystery is indeed a treasure-hoard.

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The Image Top 50 Contemporary Writers of Faith

By Gregory WolfeSeptember 23, 2013

Last week we posted a list of The Top 25 Contemporary Writers of Faith. We did so for several reasons, perhaps the most important being that there continue to be articles and essays proclaiming a dearth of contemporary literature that grapples with the age-old religious questions of our Western tradition. We begged to differ, and…

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Poetry Friday: “Curriculum Vitae”

By Peggy RosenthalOctober 11, 2019

What fun to find a sonnet in Image 102! Yes, a true sonnet—following the meter (iambic pentameter), stanza breaks, and rhyme scheme of a traditional sonnet. Other contemporary poets have explored the sonnet form engagingly: I think of Mark Jarman’s Unholy Sonnets and Jeanne Murray Walker’s new collection Pilgrim: You Find the Path by Walking.…

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