Social media has given women writers more opportunities, more power, and more authority in the public sphere and also in the church. But there’s also enormous pressure from publishers to create your brand, and to establish platforms of countless followers before you even publish a book, to live up to—or to live down—your social media persona.

Jessica Mesman interviewed Kaya Oakes, Natasha Oladokun, and Tara Isabella Burton at the 2019 Glen Workshop about their lives online—and the sometimes hazy distinction between cultivating a professional following through sharing their personal lives.

Kaya Oakes
Kaya Oakes
Natasha Oladokun
Natasha Oladokun
Tara Isabella Burton
Tara Isabella Burton

“These are instruments, and like any instrument, you can play it badly or play it well.”—Natasha Oladokun

All three of these writers have significant social media presences. Listen to our conversation to find out how we navigate the social media landscape as part of our daily work as writers, reporters, teachers, and women of faith.

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Jessica Mesman, Host
Jessica Mesman, Host

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