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Short Stories

Fiction from Issue 99

Fiction from the Archive

Yoineh Bodek

by Gershon Ben-Avraham

The River

By Molly McNett

The Promised Land

By Elizabeth Altomonte

Hymn to the Blessed Mother

By Shūsaku Endō

The Bell Game

by Allison Pinkerton

Ex Cathedra

By John Biguenet

Rock, Paper, Scissors

By Maxim Osipov


By Gina Ochsner


By Valerie Sayers


by Jane St. Clair

Freak of Nature

By Valerie Sayers

The Broom

By Yossel Birstein

A Fairly Decent Man

By Charles Turner

The Hippocratic Oath

By Elizabeth Smither

The Vermilion Saint

By A.N. Muia

Safari Supper

By Tom Noyes

Dispatches from the Prayer Tower

By Meredith K. Gray


By Scott Russell Sanders

The Dervish and the Mermaid

By Hamid Ismailov


By Walter Wangerin Jr.

Looking Good

By Susanna Childress

Tidal Wave

By Valerie Sayers

Pelagia, Holy Fool

By Melissa Pritchard

The Ladder

By Mika Seifert

The Vermin Episode

By Jacob M. Appel

The Art Student

By Charles Turner

The Wedding Season

By Maureen McGranaghan

Give Dust a Tongue

By John F. Deane

The Sparrow

By Ron Hansen

The Three Kings

By Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen

Stuck in Crafts

By Thea Swanson

La Pulchra Nota

By Molly McNett
Awarded a 2015 Pushcart Prize

Jesus Called

By Michael Morris


By Lindsey Griffin

And Not as a Stranger

By Lucy Warner

Fighting Fish

By Samuel Thomas Martin


By Tony Woodlief


By James Calvin Schaap

The Neighbor

By Mary Gordon

That Old Dog

By Larry Woiwode

In the Clear

By Christopher David Hall

A Viewing Party

By Shannon Skelton

Pavane for a Dead Princess

By Graham Hillard

Ends of the Earth

By Charles Turner

Ordinary Ghosts

By Christian Michener


By Paula Huston

A Girl I Really Knew

By Bryce Taylor

Ideal Marriage

By Janet Peery

The Spif

By Mary Burns

Sticking the Landing

By Tim Farringtonn


By Torgny Lindgren

The Weight of Fire

By Diane Glancy

A Map of the Watershed

By Nathan Poole


By Elizabeth Tarver


By Elizabeth Smither


By Erin McGraw

St. John

By Peter Levine


By Farrell O'Gorman

The Afterlife

By Chris Gavaler

Zero Gains

By Bonnie Nadzam

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