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The Road Behind Us
Image’s Founding Generation

When Image was founded in 1989, the cultural landscape looked different than it does today. Religious writers and artists felt cold-shouldered in the public square and often ill at ease within the church. The need for a journal that demonstrated the continuing vitality of contemporary art informed by faith—art that upheld high standards, grappled directly with historic faith traditions, and avoided false uplift—seemed more or less obvious. We asked several members of Image’s founding generation, writers across a number of disciplines, what they see as having changed over those years, whether there’s still a need for a venue like Image, and what our new calling might be.

What Now?

Scott Cairns

Music Without Labels

Andy Whitman

Means of Participation

Lauren F. Winner

All the Advantages

Kathleen Norris

Studying With You

D.G. Myers

The Road Ahead
Voices for the Next Twenty-Five Years

Many gifted artists and writers of faith working today were just learning how to read and hold their crayons when Image was founded. They never experienced the culture wars of the eighties that weighed so heavily on an older generation; theirs are a different set of influences and concerns. Do they still need evidence that art informed by faith is alive and well, or is that now a forgone conclusion? In our twenty-fifth anniversary year, we asked a handful of younger writers how and if Image’s mission and focus resonate with them, and what they need Image to be.

Written in the Book

Molly Patterson

The Search for Epiphany

Santiago Ramos

Interviews on Art & Faith

Christian Wiman

Interviewed by Jeanne Murray Walker

Jeremy Begbie

Interviewed by Kathleen L. Housley

Makoto Fujimura

On Georges Rouault

Roberta Ahmanson

Interviewed by Gregory Wolfe

Rowan Williams

Interviewed by John F. Deane

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