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A Psalm to the Mansions of Heaven

By Nicholas Samaras Poetry

Where the Lord lives in heaven, is he lonely? Does our Father walk his marble floors without the company of anyone righteous? Who alone is venerable enough to keep the Lord company? My voice is small, yet I call to your house, Lord. Does the wind enter your chambers and rooms, cold and empty? Where…

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Poetry Friday: “A Psalm to the Mansions of Heaven”

By Nicholas SamarasFebruary 8, 2019

Psalm of David by Shigeru Aoki, 1906 (Public Domain) Nicholas Samaras’s poetry has always struck me as being unbelievably rich, something that is carefully sculpted and also organic, unyielding and true. It is a psalmist’s voice, and in “A Psalm to the Mansions of Heaven,” we hear a sort of ascent, a calling out to…

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Top 100 Films

The Arts & Faith Top 100 Films Telling the truth, on screen. This list of 100 greatest films seeks to capture stories that, bathed in artistry and cinematic talent, mean to experiment with recurring spiritual motifs and questions presented throughout human experience. These films illustrate stories expressive of history and faith, struggle and reconciliation, family dynamic…

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The Rosary

By Ann Conway Essay

I SOMETIMES CARRY a rosary these days, a Spanish one of wooden beads that a friend gave to me. I used to think that it reflected the same impulse as needlework, which I do inexpertly—a desire for the consolation of repetition. Now I consider it a spiritual discipline, as I try, in middle age, to…

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Issue 62

$12.00Add to cart Issue 62 A conversation with Eugene Peterson; artist Bruce Herman and patron Walter Hansen converse about their three-year project producing a cycle of images of the life of the Virgin Mary; and Gregory Wolfe wonders about the directionality of history: is everything going to hell, or is the human race making progress?…

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Who Is My Mother, Who Are My Brothers?

By Sara Zarr Essay

  This essay will appear in Jesus Girls: True Tales of Growing Up Female and Evangelical, an anthology from Cascade Books, edited by Hannah Faith Notess. ON THE DAY of my baptism, my father stood at the back of the church—hung-over, or quite possibly drunk even at that early hour—and shouted, “Hooray for Sara!” as…

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