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Spiritual Writing
with Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner is the author of numerous works of spiritual nonfiction, including Girl Meets God, Still, Wearing God, and, most recently, A Word to Live By. She teaches Christian spirituality at Duke Divinity School and is a creative nonfiction faculty mentor in the SPU MFA program.

Lauren will also serve as this years chaplain.

Spiritual Writing

What literary techniques are well-suited to winsome, engaging writing about the spiritual life? This workshop will examine the craft of writing nonfiction prose that is, centrally or peripherally, inflected with Christian themes. Among other things, we’ll look at creating a compelling narrator, balancing scene and storytelling with instruction or exhortation, and pacing. We’ll also talk about how to revise, and we’ll consider some of the personal, spiritual, psychoanalytic challenges (and invitations) inherent in spiritual writing. Please be prepared to have 15 to 20 pages of your nonfiction prose (an essay, part of a memoir, etc.) read and discussed by your fellow workshoppers. Those 15 to 20 pages should be a sustained piece of writing, i.e. not discrete sermons or blog posts.

By July 1, each writer should send in a piece no more than 5,000 words in length, double-spaced in 12-point font, with standard margins and in .doc or .docx formal. You will be sent your classmates’ writing to print, read in advance, critique with written comments, and bring with you to the workshop for discussion.

Your registration includes all reading materials for this course.

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