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Be Still and Know that I am Song
a songwriting workshop
with Thad Cockrell

The 2020 Glen Workshop will take place online July 27-31.
Classes will meet for three hours each day beginning at 11am eastern.

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Class Description

This workshop is about songwriting and creativity. We’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of writing songs: the how, whether there’s a right or wrong way, what blocks us from writing music. And we’ll also delve into the creative work of listening and writing down what we are hearing.


American singer-songwriter Thad Cockrell lives out the idea “dream outside your means,” saying “I truly believe that the song is just the tool given to create the connection, and through connection we all slowly but surely become a little more seen, a little bit more understood and a little less alone.” Following his most recent work as the lead singer of Leagues, he released his West Coast EP in April 2019. The songs on West Coast offer a glimpse into his evolution as an artist and his most vulnerable, fully realized songwriting to date.

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