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At the Glen, morning classes are taught by renowned artists and critics. Afternoons and evenings feature a smorgasbord of poetry readings, gallery tours, film screenings, concerts, open mics, and more. And amidst it all, there is a wide variety of opportunities to explore the intersection of art and faith via daily chapel, yoga, centering prayer, and contemplative hikes in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Those taking their classes online will have access to much of Asheville’s afternoon and evening programming via livestream or recordings. Plus, there will be small cohorts and interactive experiences just for digital commuters designed to foster meaningful camaraderie even across the miles.

Our schedule is still in development, but a preliminary outline is available below.


Notes: All schedule details are subject to changeInstead of the traditional full day off on Thursday, we’ve split the break into two half days and the Glen will end at 11am on Saturday. See our FAQ for more about our schedule if the 2021 Glen goes entirely online due to public health concerns

all times Eastern
Noon3pm                  registration / check in  
23pm                         newcomers gathering  
3:154:15pm                  welcome gathering
4:305:30pm                class orientation
67pm                         dinner
7:308:30pm                keynote
8:3010pm                  opening night reception

7–7:45am                     yoga
7:30–8:30am                breakfast
8:30–9am                    chapel
30pm          classes
12:45–1:45pm                lunch
2–3pm                         faculty presentations (M/W/F)
3:15–4:15pm                  faculty presentations (M/W/F)
4:30–5:30pm                open mic
5:45–6:15pm                 contemplative prayer
6–7pm                         dinner
7:30–8:30pm                faculty presentations (M/W/F)

8–10am                        brunch       
10–11am                       sending forth
12pm                           checkout


Notes: All schedule details are subject to change. Where possible, online events take place later in the morning to accommodate those in different time zones.
*A recording of this session will be made available to digital commuters after the event. 

all times Eastern
2–3pm                        digital commuter gathering
3:15–4:15pm                welcome gathering livestream*
4:30–5:30pm               class orientation
7:30–8:30pm               keynote livestream*

8–8:30am                     online morning coffee klatch
8:30–9am                     chapel livestream*
9:15am–9:45am             online yoga
10:30am–noon             online classes
noon–12:30pm              break
12:30pm–2pm               online classes
2–3pm                          Asheville faculty presentation livestream*
3:15–4:15pm                  Asheville faculty presentation livestream*
4:30–5:30pm                online open mic + happy hour
7:30–8:30pm                Asheville faculty presentation livestream*

10-11am                        sending forth


Image-Glenworkshop2021-Classes-Insta-10 (1)

Fr. Patrick Gilger



Charles Jones

Worship Leader


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