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Morning classes—and the deep engagement with a particular craft or question they facilitate—comprise the beating heart of the Glen Workshop. Attendees choose one class for the week, either a workshop or a seminar, and meet with their cohort for three hours of mentorship and conversation each morning.

Seminars are immersive, discussion-based classes that offer opportunities for personal and critical engagement with art, mystery, and faith.
Workshops are hands-on, craft-based classes in which writers and artists working at all levels can enhance their skills.

Click on a class below to learn more and register. 

The Infinity of Nature, Memory, and Place

a fiction workshop with Crystal Wilkinson

Away from Home + A Way Home

a poetry seminar with Richard Chess

The Landscape of the Lyric Essay

a lyric essay workshop with Molly McCully Brown

The Ecology of Attention

a generative poetry workshop with Lia Purpura

The Creative and Spiritual Practice of Calligraphy

a calligraphy workshop with David Chang

The Art and Spirit of Food

a food seminar with Lauren Winner

Poetic Text as Provocation

a poetry workshop with Scott Cairns

Landscapes and the Art of Seeing

a painting workshop with Suzanne Dittenber

Rediscovering the Self and the Divine through Clay

a ceramics workshop with Katherine Hanks

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