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Writers Block Party
with Tania Runyan

Tania Runyan

Tania Runyan is the author of the poetry collections What Will Soon Take Place, Second Sky, A Thousand Vessels, Simple Weight, and Delicious Air, which was the Conference on Christianity and Literature book of the year in 2007. Her guides How to Read a Poem, How to Write a Poem, and How to Write a College Application Essay are used in classrooms across the country. Her poems have appeared in many publications, including Poetry, Image, Harvard Divinity Bulletin, The Christian Century, Saint Katherine Review, and the Paraclete book Light upon Light: A Literary Guide to Prayer for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. She was awarded an NEA Literature Fellowship in 2011. When not writing, she plays fiddle and mandolin, drives kids to appointments, and gets lost in her Midwestern garden.

Writers Block Party

Has this whole writing thing got you dazed, stuck, or confused? Do you want to write but don’t even know how to start? This “come as you are,” multi-genre workshop is for you—whether you’re a non-writer wanting to try something new, a beginning writer who wants to dip your toes into multiple forms of expression, or an experienced writer who just needs a kick in the pants to recharge your imagination. In an open and supportive environment, we will generate poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction on the spot, exploring how to go from zero to draft with strategies and techniques that will remove those writing roadblocks for good. Come with a blank notebook or screen, and leave with several new beginnings for potential projects that will keep you writing well after the Glen.

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