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Film & Faith

Each year, the Arts & Faith community asks anew: what is happening at the intersection of faith and cinema?

These lists represent their annual conversations surrounding film. You can join the current conversation here.

The Top 25 Road Films

The best films about drifters, travelers, adventurers, and those living their lives on the road. Each of these stories reflects a fundamental desire for spiritual progress, epiphany, and grace.

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The Top 25 Divine Comedies

G.K. Chesterton says, “A joke can be so big that it breaks the roof of the stars.... There is but one step from the ridiculous to the sublime.” Here are the best films exploring the space between the ridiculous and the sublime.

Read it here.

The Top 25 Horror Films

The definitive list of big-screen nightmares that raise and address vital questions about human nature, addiction, spiritual forces, death, and the afterlife.

Read it here.

The Top 25 Films on Memory

What is suggested over and over again by the films on this list is that the exploration of memory is, in and of itself, a kind of spiritual quest, a quest for transcendence or truth.

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The Top 25 Films on Marriage

These films represent important responses to the challenge of marriage and portraying marriage, including the mysteries of love, mortality, loyalty, and human vows.

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The Top 25 Films on Mercy

These films show us visions of a world so often lacking in mercy, as well as worlds in which one merciful act alters the landscape of human experience forever.

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Reading the Eternities: The Top 100 Films

“Read not the Times, read the eternities,” Thoreau advised. If you want to explore eternal themes, check out these films. Each film provokes spiritual questions and kindles our deepest longings for all that is sacred and good.

Read it here.

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