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The Woman in the House

By Kiki McGrath Visual Art

We often imagine the act of reading as one of pure intellect, but it has a physical dimension—paper, ink, hands that turn pages, eyes that take in light. By making the “consumption” of the text literal and embodied, almost uncomfortably visceral, I hoped to gesture toward the theological implications of our embodied state: we read with both our minds and bodies because we are bodily and ghostly, matter and spirit.

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In the Studio

By Devon DeJardin Visual Art

Devon DeJardin is a self-taught multimedia artist from Portland, Oregon, now based in Los Angeles. His paintings, drawings, and sculptures reference the body, forces of nature, and the application of philosophy to lived experience. His current work focuses on guardians-entities and forces that protect, guide, and challenge us to grow.   Image: Could you talk…

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A Chamber in the Earth

By Alyssa Coffin Visual Art

Hear this essay read by the artist, along with field sounds from the forest site in Finland.   —Striving to represent the world, we inevitably forfeit its direct presence. ——————————————— –David Abram I ARRIVE IN THE DARK SHIVER of January in Finland to begin work on my master’s degree in time and space arts. The…

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Imagining Water: Myth, Ritual, and a Changing Planet

By Susan Hoffman Fishman Visual Art

NEAR THE REPUTED SITE of the Garden of Eden, an international team of environmental engineers, sewage treatment experts, and others are restoring historic marshlands in what has become a desert wasteland. They are creating a new Eden-not simply a public works project that will filter wastewater for the Ahwar region in southern Iraq, but also…

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Paradigm Shift

By Margaret Morrison Visual Art

I was confronted with the reality that a perfect church could not exist, that the leaders that I had grown up revering were flawed and very human.

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In the Studio

By Tom Gick Visual Art

The following year I reentered the studio to die. After fifteen days—unable to eat or sleep, my mind desperately trying to give solace to my broken life—I finally collapsed and gave up my life in radical surrender.

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Talismans of Time

By Sal Taylor Kydd Visual Art

I don’t pretend that I am capturing the truth about my subjects. I’m interested in creating something that feels timeless, that could have been made at any moment.

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