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Home Alone Together

Quarantine is quickly redefining and reconfiguring how people experience home. In this unsettled moment, artists can help draw our experiences into focus. Every week for the next three months, twenty-five artists from around the world will contribute one photograph from a different part of their living spaces. Together, these photographs—whether taken in a kitchen, bedroom, or looking out a window—will articulate a new, collective picture of home in a time of pandemic. What we see has become limited, but not how we see, or what we might discover.

This is an exhibition about how time meets space, through the eyes of individuals. We invite you to experience this exhibition in multiple ways, by room, by week, or by artist.

—Co-Curators: Dr. Aaron RosenS. Billie Mandle 

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Some of What's New This Week

Week 8:

Online, “NY Times photo by Julio Cortez,” Barbaa Takenaga, May 30, 2020

Week 8

Outside, Aaron Turner, May 29, 2020

Week 8:

Bedroom, Claudia Hermano, May 27, 2020

Week 8:

Living Room, Janna Ireland, May 24, 2020

Week 8

Outside, Tom Griggs, May 28, 2020

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