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Salman ToorUpside Down Party, 2019. Ceiling mural, COMO (Contemporary/Modern Museum of Art), Lahore, Pakistan.

Your Gift Makes a Difference

The arts are crucial for our collective imagination. Art grabs hold of us by the senses. It has a unique capacity to shape our attunement, our feel for the world. Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor once wrote that “the way ordinary people ‘imagine’ their social surroundings…is often not expressed in theoretical terms, but is carried in images, stories, and legends.” In other words, before we even think about it, the way we perceive others—and our collective life—is shaped by the ways artists show us the world: our storytellers, image-makers, and performers enact a story about who we are. The question isn’t whether the arts will shape us, but which. 

At Image, we are spurred by a bold vision: to be a vibrant thread in the fabric of culture, contributing to mainstream literary and artistic communities by demonstrating the vitality of contemporary art and literature invigorated by religious faith.  

Will you join us in supporting this community where art and faith meet?

We rely on donations for the bulk of our annual budget. Donations cover such critical areas as:  

  • Pay for writers, artists, editors, and our small, full-time staff 
  • A quarterly journal and web presence that celebrate new work 
  • Online and in-person programming that cultivates both emerging and established artists and writers 
  • Scholarships and fellowships to make our programs accessible to all (last year, one in four attendees was underwritten by donations) 

Annually we need to raise $450,000 to meet our budget.

Today, you can help Image continue to build a life-giving, art-filled, faith-fueled, boundary-bridging community that shapes our collective imagination. Your donation makes our work possible. 

Your gift at any level makes things happen: 

  • $100 supports the work of a poet by publishing them in Image.
  • $250 compensates a writer for an essay or fiction in the journal.
  • $500 maintains one month of our web presence and our full archive.
  • $750 covers one month of medical insurance for an Image staffer.
  • $1,000 endows a scholarship for a writer or artist at the Glen Workshop.
  • $5,000 funds a four-part seminar of dynamic guests discussing art and faith.
  • $15,000 prints one issue of the journal and covers distribution to nearly 3,000 subscribers.

Wont you consider joining us in this important work by offering your financial support? At whatever level you are able to give, your gift will be carefully stewarded and deeply appreciated. 

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