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Dear Friend,

We are entering the season of dinner parties and potlucks – when we gather around a shared table for warm meals with family, friends, and acquaintances alike. At the Image office, we’re preparing a different kind of potluck, a feast of ideas instead of food, gathering a community hungry for a beauty, wonder, and transcendence inspired by the mysteries of the Judeo-Christian tradition. As we enter a brand new season for our journal and our programs, we are especially eager to invite you to our table.

In the past few months you have seen us announce our new Editor-in-Chief, James K. A. Smith, and our new section editors. Along with these additions to our in-house team, we are broadening our already vibrant community. Image has always been committed to diversity, and our journal’s pages have published writers of every age, color, ideology, orientation, and denomination. In the coming year, we are renewing this commitment in our programs and events, so that our community more fully reflects the body of Christ. We are eager to see what relationships and collaborations might develop from these conversations.

Broadening our community also means expanding our programs – both enhancing current programs and developing new opportunities to join and shape the Image conversation. As a deeply appreciated friend, you know that Image is an organization that values community, and we need your collaboration to enrich and grow that community.

At this historic juncture in Image’s legacy, please consider donating to our efforts to make our organization better than ever. Your gift will go toward supporting this new energy, deepening and extending Image’s influence in a culture starving for beauty and goodness even if we don’t realize it.  Whether you donate $5 or $500, you will help fund this renewed vision for Image, one that emphasizes collaboration and community in our shared pursuit of art, faith, and mystery.

We hope you’ll join us so that we can build a bigger table, inviting our neighbors to enjoy bounty for their souls.

To read a digital copy of our newest brochure, please click on the large SETTING A NEW TABLE pdf attached below.


Crosby Haffner, Board Chair

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