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Evading Capture: Art and the Territory of Knowing

| Mar 8, 2022

Artworks can transform our intellectual landscape and reorient the questions we ask, even in the sciences.

Moth and Rust

| Mar 8, 2022

The Lord does not punish with wrath but with mercy.


| Mar 8, 2022

Give me proof, said Thomas,

and he could see a hole in the palm before him,

and inside the wound a glimpse

Conversion of the Bells

| Mar 8, 2022

War … / makes machines / whose metal eats more metal and spits its out and on / and on, and never enough, and always far too much.


| Mar 12, 2022

It’s almost summer, and soon she will go to the fields with her father and her sister, catching the bales as the baler spits them, and she will lift and stack them.

One Corner Floated

| Mar 12, 2022

It’s a basement full of cobwebs. Mice and dust and boxes. One is filled with letters in his language, and another night, before he got on a plane to identify the body of his father, he told her of those letters.

Lifting a Cow

| Mar 12, 2022

He took me fishing as a teen, lecturing me about boys, the proper way to chase them, and the proper way to leave if they needed leaving.


| Mar 12, 2022

This one was here with all his roses. He was from a big family in Jamaica. They didn’t have much in common, except for their difference.


| Mar 12, 2022

The lake has a provisional name. It has had other names. It’s possible those names were also in some way provisional, unless the lake has a name for itself. Facing it, it’s feasible to believe that the lake really does have a name, one it has given to itself and that it keeps. It keeps…

In the Studio

| Mar 12, 2022

I’ve been struck by the immense beauty in the communities I have been a part of, both in Nigeria and now in Canada, as well as grieved by the levels of hardship. The motif of the garden, which I explore in my work, has become a place for me to sit with this contradiction.

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