Cyan James

Chalked with earth, Cyan James’s writing has an almost mythic physicality to it. She is informed by her surroundings and attends to them with an exacting devotion, encouraging readers to do the same.

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The Glen Workshop, a program of Image, began in 1995 as an innovative event combining the best elements of a workshop, an arts festival, and a spiritual retreat.

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Artists Show Us Jesus as Refugee and Refugees as Jesus

| Dec 12, 2018

Searching for Campfires in a Season of Darkness

| Dec 10, 2018

Material Christianity

| Dec 5, 2018

Advent: Through the Door, into the Dark

| Dec 3, 2018

Poetry Friday: “Rusted Chain”

| Nov 30, 2018

The Prophet of Unadilla, New York

| Nov 28, 2018

Father, Son, Sinner, Saint




The Ruined Saint


Eve the Juggler




Ego as Deduction (Agnes Martin Speaks)


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