Andrew J. Graff

The strange turns toward Andrew Graff’s writing. Faith, in his latest story inImage, is explored like a body, etched into existence by the outline of embrace.

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The Glen Workshop, a program of Image, began in 1995 as an innovative event combining the best elements of a workshop, an arts festival, and a spiritual retreat.

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The Shadow of Eternal Life: A Eulogy for a Chicago Cement Mason

| Feb 20, 2019

Shapeshifting Jesus

| Feb 19, 2019

Poetry Friday: “The Ruined Saint”

| Feb 15, 2019


| Feb 13, 2019

In London, a Sculptural Offering to Gods Old and New

| Feb 11, 2019

Poetry Friday: A Psalm to the Mansions of Heaven

| Feb 8, 2019

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