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The Aesthete and the Monk: Against Moralism

| Sep 12, 2022

Can the aesthetic life lead us to God?


| Sep 12, 2022

Later, looking at his partially closed eyes, she suddenly remembered a creole word from the country where she had spent her childhood. Sodade. A mixture of nostalgia, tenderness, and yearning, a sense of the fragility of happiness.

Field Work

| Sep 12, 2022

From the night woods, wild things come to possess
The fields they’ve lost to human violence
And savvy, as the dark itself returns to bless
The troubled mind with sleep.


| Sep 12, 2022

My wife
Is reading D.H. Lawrence and says she wants to get a tattoo. She says that I’m not “deep,”
And maybe she’s right.

God Wink

| Sep 12, 2022

On her last visit to the hospice, my niece
watched a flock of red-winged blackbirds
settle in the tree outside the window,
as if waiting for my mother to join them.
My brother, the pastor, calls this a God wink.

Signs and Symbols

| Sep 13, 2022

It had been four months since we’d run out of money. Somehow, we were still afloat.

Unmerited Favor

| Sep 13, 2022

You flinched a moment ago when you thought
you heard unseasonable thunder.
Like a judgment.


| Sep 13, 2022

of God yes by the but
not there but for the

act of yes acts of but
not a given state of

Dispatch: Unknown Festival, Galicia, April

| Sep 13, 2022

Faith’s a dissonance, a forgetfulness.


| Sep 13, 2022

Eileen felt that she should deliver the news of her brother’s death in person. She knew she would provide no solace when the time came, that her presence would only heighten the reality of Brandon’s absence; yet her mother was nearing seventy.

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