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Curator’s Corner: Eva Fischer-Hausdorf


We want to transform the museum into a place of reflection and contemplation.

In the Studio: Antonius Roberts


We all need a rosary, whether we’re Catholic or not.

The Cult of the Beheaded


The dead who walk the streets might be a relic of the past, something your Sicilian grandma might tell you about, but the Sanctuary of the Souls of the Beheaded is very much alive.



In the virgin’s garden a ladder is kept for angels to step up & down.

Walking in Circles


I get lost easily, even now.



Is it wrong to believe I’m due what was promised?



It’s sugar that makes fruit gel. Sugar preserves. Sugar is an everyday miracle. It causes fruit to retain its bright color, until it is brighter than it ever was on the tree. Heat and sugar alchemize to turn a jar of jam into a glowing jewel.

What Was Promised


I wonder sometimes if these words are like the golden calf: molten, as in a flame, and shaped by doubt.

The Givenness of the Oak Leaves


All I can do now is recount their appearance: simple swamp white oak leaves.

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