Valerie Wohlfeld

Though Valerie Wohlfeld is no purist, her work proves the adage that the strictures of form can bring about refreshing surprises. Bending language to a particular shape, she explores questions of sin and grace, creation and fall, love and grief.

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The Novel as God

The New Atheist Tradition in Fiction

The New Atheist Novel: Philosophy, Fiction and Polemic after 9/11
by Arthur Bradley and Andrew Tate
The Children Act by Ian McEwan
Fury by Salman Rushdie
The Book Against God by James Wood

Review by Nick Ripatrazone

Which I is I?

Idiot Psalms by Scott Cairns
Seam by Tarfia Faizullah
F by Franz Wright

Review by Luke Hankins

How Else Would God Enter?

The Corpse Flower: New & Selected Poems by Bruce Beasley
Mary’s House: New & Selected Poems by David Craig
Some Heaven by Todd Davis
Apropos of Nothing by Richard Jones

Review by Peggy Rosenthal

On Brotherhood and Crucifixion

Carol Ann Davis explores the role of the witness to pain.

Man Is But An Ass

Harrison Scott Key on growing up in the South and misconceptions of dreams.

The Rage of Peter de Vries: Reckoning with a Brokenhearted Humorist

Jonathan Hiskes explores the literature that reflects his own childhood experience.

Forward into the Dark

Nick Ripatrazone comments on the role of Image in the art world, and on the duties of the writer of faith.

A Disbeliever in Limbo

Rochelle Hurt visits cathedrals while being treated for cancer.

Radiant Power: Authority and Violence in New Egyptian Fiction

M. Lynx Qualey discusses the ways that recent Egyptian literature tackles themes of religion and politics.

Varieties of Quiet

Christian Wiman on the mysterious and difficult nature of faith.

Lord God Bird

Isaac Anderson reflects on the intermittence of experiencing God.
Best American Essays
Honorable Mention 2013

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Making Cents

blue leaves

Question for My Father


Reflection upon Psalm 121


Guide to Avian Architecture


Christmas Morning in a Hotel Room




The Glen Workshop, a program of Image, began in 1995 as an innovative event combining the best elements of a workshop, an arts festival, and a spiritual retreat.

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 Special Topics

The Word-Soaked World: Troubling the Lexicon of Art & Faith

This collection of short essays demonstrates the push-pull relationship believing artists have with words: We are in pursuit of a God who is revealed through the poetry of the oldest Psalms, but whose true name is impossible to pronounce.

Evolution and the Imago Dei

Explore the intersection of faith, science, and art.

The Landscape of Art & Faith

What is the contemporary literary climate like for writers of faith? How will they fare in the future?


Road films. Horror films. Films on marriage. Divine comedies. We love movies. Do you? We’ve got you covered.

Why Believe in God?

We put it to a group of writers, artists, filmmakers, and musicians: At a time in human history when religious faith is called not only out-of-date but malignant, why do you believe?


“Not since O’Connor’s Mystery and Manners has there been such bracing insight on the pile-up where art and faith collide.”

—Annie Dillard 

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