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The Cult of the Beheaded


The dead who walk the streets might be a relic of the past, something your Sicilian grandma might tell you about, but the Sanctuary of the Souls of the Beheaded is very much alive.



Is it wrong to believe I’m due what was promised?

Motherhood: A Visual Contract


Leni Dothan examines and critiques how motherhood has been presented in western art history.

Rabies and Angels (Love in a Hopeless Place)


c I was reeding you
see I was reading you
sí I was red in you



Chaplaincy was magnificent, and then suddenly it wasn’t.

Curator’s Corner: Eva Fischer-Hausdorf


We want to transform the museum into a place of reflection and contemplation.



It’s three a.m., that empty hour
when gangs of theologians prowl the streets looking for some stray angel to accost.

Besides, Before, Beyond Beauty


I’m tired of beauty. Or rather, I’m tired of hearing the word “beauty” overused and misapplied.

A Conversation with William Giraldi


Aside from my children and wife, literature has been the intensest delight of my life.

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| Dec 12, 2019

On praying with the grandmothers of Florence: “I suspect that they have mostly accepted their religion as something like an arranged marriage to a nice-enough guy—a situation they didn’t choose but that nonetheless offers its comforts—rather than how I tend to conduct my relationship with God: like a tanking romance with a guy who can’t understand what I’m so worked up about, again.”

Dynamic Constructions of Persistence and Faith: An Interview with Essayist Sonja Livingston

| Dec 10, 2019

In Sonja Livingston’s latest essay collection, The Virgin of Prince Street: Expeditions into Devotion, faith feels more like a long, slow undertow than a lightning bolt. She spoke with Steven Wingate on how essays find their form, helping students find their material, and making her way back to church.

Thought Patterns: Reflections on The Crying Book

| Dec 2, 2019

A poet, Christle is pleasingly roving and idiosyncratic as she assembles and parses, ponders and distills the science of tears, the length of a cry, Sylvia Plath, elephant emotions, Ovid, Kent State, Ross Gay, Silas Mitchell, and the Bas Jan Ader film, I’m Too Sad to Tell You (among other things) into miniature packets of white-space interrupted prose.


| Nov 28, 2019

When I subjected my body to limits beyond what felt reasonable, I discovered that faith is embodied, that its strength can be expressed in the movement of muscle.

It Is Your Duty to Answer Us: An Interview with the Author of The Ungrateful Refugee

| Nov 26, 2019

After three decades, I was going to summon the courage to return to camps and to witness this story that I had lived, and to see how it had changed, and to let it ignite my memories so that I could say something important and helpful.

The Good Egg: A Lesson in Cherokee

| Nov 25, 2019

A Lumbee friend described her mother’s relationship to family, from the vantage of her matrilineal world, as being like a door. The very word starts opening them. From door we are all too quick to rush to gatekeeper; our western and colonial habits of mind favor such things as the defense of property, watchmen along…

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