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What You See Is You: Rowan Williams and the Art that Surrenders

| Jun 14, 2022

The microcosmic richness of human identity is a reflection of the God who not only made us but sees us, knows us, and speaks to us. Our being addressed by the divine is an infinite well for human possibility.

He Steals Sometimes

| Jun 14, 2022

Can a four-year-old understand stealing?

Moving On

| Jun 14, 2022

What does an artist give up for art?

The Anarchy of Love

| Jun 14, 2022

A story gets away from its author.

White Spaces

| Jun 14, 2022

When fiction leaves questions unanswered


| Jun 14, 2022

“Parable, / which is to say / not an allegory. An opportunity / for displacement.”

From Internal Combustion

| Jun 14, 2022

“The old / cars had iron, the new, light aluminum / alloy, chromium, even plastic. / My father-in-law with Alzheimer’s walking / along Highway 6 to flag a semi.”

Sarah’s Blessings (Or, Is There Such a Thing as Inappropriate Laughter?)

| Jun 14, 2022

She was pretty sure she was too crazy to be a mother, and when the yearnings showed up, every few years, they now passed quickly.

What Might Be Most

| Jun 14, 2022

Perhaps all these / years God has denied me / the little grace / I hoped for in preparation / for the larger / one

image of lilies

Springtime Romance

| Jun 14, 2022

On the decay of flowers. “I love the way they teach me to love / the things I can’t get close enough to.”

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