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Double Visitation

By Mary Leader Poetry

Once, night floated for ten or twelve seconds
on daybreak, following a sleepless night,
with Lydia, my cat of nineteen years,

in pain from renal failure, beside me….

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On Purity

By Jacques J. Rancourt Poetry

A friend claims that dogs are proof
of purity. Just yesterday, mine escaped
into the neighbor’s yard to eat a cache

of cat shit he had sniffed out.

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Raw Colors

By Jeffrey Harrison Poetry

The mountains encircled him
like elders less stern
than his father the pastor
who warned him that whatever
gave him pleasure was a sin,

even sledding…and, later, painting.

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At the Shrine

By Amanda Hawkins Poetry

I knelt naked in the grotto west of the meditation pool—
the closest in years I’d gotten to belief. Around her feet:

cockle shells, one gold earring, a crochet-covered rock,

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