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Issue 75


Since 1989, Image has hosted a conversation at the nexus of art and faith among writers and artists in all forms. As the conversation has evolved, certain words have cropped up again and again: Beauty. Mystery. Presence.

For this issue, we invited a handful of past contributors to examine our common lexicon as a sort of personal inventory on the part of the journal. Were there words we were using too glibly, we asked, words that needed to be reconsidered, revitalized, or tossed out?

The writers’ responses surprised us. Some pieces retain an element of that self-critical spirit we requested, such as the essays on beauty and suffering. But the majority of the essays ended up as a referendum on the power of language, like art itself, to represent and reveal.

This issue also includes a guest editorial by poet Mark Jarman; a conversation with Luci Shaw; poetry by Andrew Hudgins, Judith Harris, and Roger Williams; and more.

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Editorial Statement

Mark Jarman, Language and the Act of Faith


Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, The Three Kings


Andrew Hudgins, Two Poems
Anya Krugovoy Silver, Colloquy
Richard Jones, The Manifestation
Michael Symmons Roberts, Three Poems
Judith Harris, Two Poems
Roger Williams, Star Child
Jeanine Hathaway, Two Poems

The Word-Soaked World

Erin McGraw
Robert Cording
Theodore L. Prescott
Bret Lott
Julia Spicher Kasdorf
Kathleen Norris
Linford Detweiler
Jeanne Murray Walker
A.G. Harmon
Joel Sheesley
Matthew J. Milliner
Martha Serpas
Robert Clark
Richard Chess


A Conversation with Luci Shaw

Visual Arts

Steve Rabey, Of Mind and Matter: The Art of Terry Maker

Book Review

Santiago Ramos on Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom,
Jeffrey Eugenides’s The Marriage Plot, and
David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King

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