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What is the Great Hall?

For centuries, in castles, colleges, and monasteries, the great hall was where a community would gather to feast and celebrate—a place for grand display, but also a warm space for discovery, connection, and inspiration.

Image desires to create a hospitable space for patrons of the arts to discover their pivotal role in ensuring that the gifts born at the intersection of art and faith are skillfully and sustainably woven through the fabric of culture. As such, Image’s Great Hall houses a communal feast of the arts. It’s a place where patrons can gather to “taste and see” the goodness that arises when art and faith are in company together.

As a gathering of peers, members of the Great Hall will foster a vibrant, deeply engaged, and diverse community of those who understand the need for art informed by faith and are committed to its cultivation. In an ongoing exchange, members will help ensure the sustainability of Image while receiving resources, participating in experiences, and developing relationships that deepen their aesthetic and spiritual lives.

Why Image?

Image believes that the arts are more than a luxury—they’re a vital part of what makes us human, individually and together. The arts play a lively, invigorating, even contentious role in every humane society. They can restore our sense of wonder in a world that seems utilitarian and dry, show us uncomfortable truths and hidden beauties, and reveal the full, marvelous, harrowing complexity of human life.

Since its founding in 1989, Image has become known as a leading literary journal for writers and artists of faith, and in recent years it has expanded to include a constellation of related programs that explore the gifts at the intersection of art and faith. Rooted in the Christian tradition, Image has grown a broad network of subscribers, nourished artists with its content, and helped give life to the religious imagination in the twenty-first century.

The Great Hall partners with this essential work by offering a structured program which expands the practice of anchored hospitality that has shaped Image’s work over the years. In other words, our confidence in the anchor of incarnational Christianity enables and motivates a hospitality that is open and capacious rather than defensive. This attitude has been at the root of the decades-long relationships we have built with readers and artists, and it provides a new opportunity to offer even greater hospitality to some of our most committed patrons.

Join the Great Hall

We invite you to become a member of the Great Hall—a vibrant and deeply engaged community of patrons committed to art informed by faith.

Members of the Great Hall will experience the hospitality of Image through:

+ forums for discussion and reflection on issues related to the cultivation of the religious imagination;

+ exclusive access to Image’s network of leading artists, writers, editors, and public intellectuals;

+ curated content from Image’s archives.

+ behind-the-scenes insights into the unique ways that your gifts are catalyzing the work of artists in our community.

As always, at the core of the Great Hall’s vision is the cultivation of friendships, the enrichment of members’ spiritual lives, and the good work of making a lasting contribution to culture.

Join the Great Hall

We invite you to become a member of the Great Hall—a vibrant and deeply engaged community of patrons committed to art informed by faith.

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