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Calligraphy workshop with David Chang

Glen 2024 faculty member David Chang

From the practical to the ethereal, writing a letter by hand offers a deeper connection to the text and to the viewer. We will cover both aspects of the art form of calligraphy as we learn the basics—including developing your own personal handwriting style—and how to use handwriting as a creative practice that can also forge a deeper spiritual practice. Through meditational writing, we will explore the art of handwriting as a tool for personal expression and as a means to connect with ourselves and others.


Each Day
We will cover the basic fundamentals of letterforms and the mechanics of calligraphy and handwriting—using various tools from pencil and pen to pointed calligraphy pen. As we get more comfortable with the tools and letterforms, we will begin writing table cards, addressing envelopes, and writing letters. There will also be an option to create your own artwork using your favorite text. My hope is after this workshop, you will be equipped with your own style of handwriting and have another tool of spiritual expression.

Only preparing yourself to be open to learn and to be patient with the process.

Image will provide pen holder, nibs, pencil, pen, paper, and ink in advance of the class.  *A $30 charge is already included with your registration, which will cover these supplies.*

Experience Level
All experience levels are welcome in this space.

About the Instructor

David Chang is a renowned artist who has pursued the art of western calligraphy for the past twenty years. His masterful study of calligraphy is driven by a passion for “bringing the essence of a word or message to life.” Chang's calligraphic mark —vacillating between traditional scripts and contemporary abstraction— issues statements of personal, cultural, and spiritual awareness while retaining a formal beauty full of urgency and redemption.

David was first introduced to the rhythm and art of writing through Spencerian penmanship, and his work has since appeared in numerous shows and institutions, including Onishi Gallery, Clemente Soto Velez Center, Waterfall Mansion, Pratt Institute, Calvary Saint George’s, and the Society of Scribes at the National Arts Club. Notably, his calligraphy has also been prominently featured in the internationally acclaimed film Mother! (2017).

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