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Songwriting with Liz Vice:

Until When—Your Voice is Your Currency

Liz Vice headshot

In this two-day workshop (1-3:30 pm on Monday and Tuesday), explore the craft of songwriting!

Our time will be short but hopefully sweet; a good time not a long time. This two-day workshop
is designed for writers & songwriters to both introduce you to begin or continue the process of
finding the courage and strength of original voice through writing together with the help of the
Amherst Writers & Artists’ Method.

We we start each session with writing prompts and exercises designed to flex our writing
muscle and to break down the walls that keep us in our own creative way.

We will spend 15 or 20 minute per prompt and share our writings and receive feedback
from others focusing only on three main things:

  • What we like.
  • What is strong.
  • What stays with us about the writing.

We refrain from criticism, questions, suggestions, and personal anecdotes. There is no critique and no homework.

Everything in the writing workshop is treated as fiction, to minimize the personal vulnerability of the writer. This creates emotional safety and allows us to focus on the writing rather than the writer. We use the terms “the narrator” and “the character” rather than “you.”

About The Amherst Writers & Artists’ Method
The Five Essential Affirmations of the AWA Method are:

  • Everyone has a strong unique voice.
  • Everyone is born with creative genius.
  • Writing belongs to all people.
  • Teaching can be done without damage to a writer’s original voice or self-esteem.
  • A writer is someone who writes.

These prompts can lead to unpacking lots of emotions. This is why creating a safe place
is so important.

Each Day
1 pm Afternoon session – First Writing Prompt
1:30 pm Second Writing Prompt (if we have time)
1:45 pm-3:00 Songwriting Block 1
3:00-3:30 pm Song Share

1 pm Afternoon session – Third Writing Prompt
1:30 pm Forth Writing Prompt (if we have time)
1:45 pm-3:00 Songwriting Block 2
3:00-3:30 pm Song Share

What You Should Bring:
Computer or ipad (whatever you like to use in songwriting sessions)
A song idea or two (can be a lyric or melody - or even just an idea!)
Books you’re reading or want to use to aid in songwriting

Experience Level
This class is for anyone who considers themself to be a songwriter, regardless of experience level.

I don't know how to play an instrument well enough to do this music thing on my own. So I've had to overcome a lot of imposter syndrome and comparison. I had to lean into music for myself. "What do I want to say?"

My hope is to create a space where you can come for a safe & creative environment. I aim is to give you a chance to pause and take time to get to know the songs that you feel are bursting at the seams to be released—that you leave with more courage than you had when you arrived.

About the Instructor

Meet Liz Vice, professional soul & gospel singer-songwriter. Liz found herself gravitating towards performance as she sought refuge in her basement, lip syncing to songs of the 90s and belting tracks from Disney soundtracks.

With many health obstacles and limited resources in her youth, Vice never envisioned herself singing on stage for hundreds, let along thousands of people. Liz Vice has drawn comparisons to Mavis Staples, Aretha Franklin, and some of the greatest gospel/soul singers of all time. Liz has successfully supported/toured with Lake Street Dive, Hiss Golden Messenger, Shawn Mullins, War and Treaty, The Wood Brothers, Joss Stone, and, Mt. Joy, among others. Both her albums There's A Light (2015) and latest Save Me (2018) debuted on Billboard's gospel chart.

Now, Liz Vice has received millions of streams on Spotify, notable features across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. In the recent years, Liz Vice put her things in storage to seek out an adventurous life that has inspired her third record, which is in the works.

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