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Songwriting with Audrey Assad

Glen 2024 faculty member Audrey Assad

In this two-day workshop (1-3:30 pm on Monday and Tuesday), explore the craft of songwriting!

Artists—much like life—are prismatic. Art flows through the artist like light through a prism—refracting uniquely through each one of our kaleidoscopic, textured, and specific experiences and personalities. This class will feature some thoughts and lessons I have gathered along the way in both my non-musical writing journey and in my solo music career. Along with sharing these thoughts and lessons with you, I will also offer at least one solo writing exercise with group processing time afterward, as well as q&a where time permits.

Each Day
Each class will include some sharing from Audrey Assad, a solo songwriting exercise, group processing to follow, and q&a when there is time.


A journal or notebook and pen/pencil.

Experience Level

This class is for anyone who considers themself to be a songwriter, regardless of experience level. If you try to write songs, this class is for you.

About the Instructor

Audrey Assad is a musician/artist/producer/writer living in Nashville, TN. Raised in New Jersey by her American mother and Syrian father, her life and career are characterized by diverse intersections of faith and culture—Audrey brings this diversity of perspective to everything from her art to her cooking.

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