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Visual art with Lanecia Rouse

Glen 2024 faculty member Lanecia Rouse

Within Without: Contemplative Mixed Media Collage

In this workshop we will enter into a creative process  to reveal visually what lies within us through contemplation and mixed media collage. We will use acrylic paint, paper, found/discarded objects, and unconventional tools to create works that are emotive, unique, and alive.

Each studio session will provide space for participants to follow their curiosity and create their own visual vocabulary of texture, color, mark-making, and composition to create moments of encounter upon the canvas. This class is all about the process and not getting distracted by what the final piece may become. It is a process of fostering curiosity and wonder; as well as creativity and overcoming some of the fears that can keep us from making the first mark.

By the end of the workshop you will have began and/or created one large canvas piece + at least 9 smaller works on paper. You will have  a variety of abstract mixed media painting techniques and ideas to take with you.

Each Day
Each day participants will be given an art prompt informed by a spiritual practice to enter into the process of creating a work. We will learn a variety of  mixed media collage techniques, the poetics of collage, how to build a composition, and various artists whose practice has pushed forward the medium of  collage. The daily art making exercises are shaped to help you discover new ways of using paint, paper, textiles and unconventional tools to make visible what is within you and to expand your visual vocabulary.

The only work required before class will be collecting materials that one may want to create with during class. (magazines, old books, unconventional painting tools, photographs, etc.)

Supplies for making will be provided.You are encouraged to bring any magazines or specialty papers you would be interested in using to create collage/texture elements as you create. A suggested reading list will be provided once you register for the course. *A $125 charge is already included with your registration, which will cover all general supplies needed for class.

Experience Level
This class is for beginning and intermediate visual artists as well as artists who would like to explore contemplative ways to engage the creative process.

About the Instructor

Lanecia A. Rouse is a multidisciplinary artist who is based in Richmond, VA, and Houston, TX. Her portfolio includes a range of abstract painting, photography, teaching, writing, speaking, and curatorial projects for local nonprofit organizations.

Lanecia was recently an artist in residence with the Foundation for Spirituality and the Arts. She has participated in art residencies with the Asia Society HTX, the Center for Engaged Research, Collaborative Learning (CERCL) at Rice University and the American Church in Paris. She is the artist in residence at Holy Family HTX (2017-Present). Rouse is a co-founding creative director for the ImagiNoir Equity Group, an international alliance and community development and equity group of black activists, artists, writers, scholars, philanthropists, and educators. She is the leader of the Curation Team of the Lanecia Anee Rouse Gallery of Holy Family HTX Episcopal Church.

Lanecia has exhibited at the Reynolds Gallery, Richmond, VA (2022 + 2023), Monterroso Gallery, Houston, TX (2022 + 2023); Project Row Houses, Houston, TX (2022), Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Houston, TX (2022), Asia Society TX Center, Houston, TX (2022), Art is Bond. Gallery, Houston, TX (2022), Urban Zin Gallery, New York City, NY (2021 + 2022), the Brooklyn Collective, Charlotte, NC (2021 + 2022), Duke University Chapel (2022); Collect it for the Culture, Houston, TX; Houston First Corporation, Houston, TX (2021); Inman Gallery, Houston, TX (2020); Project Row Houses, Houston, TX (2020); Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, MI; Forth and Nomad Gallery, Houston, TX (2019); American Church in Paris, France. where she did an 1-month residency (2018); and Fourth Chapter Gallery, Kansas City, MO (2017 + 2021).

Lanecia currently has worked featured in Multiplicity: Blackness in Contemporary American Collage at the First Art Museum in Nashville, TN. It will later travel to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC.

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