Warld in a Roar: The Music of James MacMillan

By Michael Capps Essay

An’ when we chasten’d him therefor, Thou kens how he bred sic a splore, An’ set the warld in a roar O’ laughing at us;— —Robert Burns, from “Holy Willie’s Prayer” THE MUSIC STARTS intimately, a simple chant-like tune sung by treble voices to the ancient words of Psalm 96: “O sing unto the Lord a…

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Adjusting to Darkness

By Lisa Williams Poetry

or something in the sight adjusts itself to midnight…. —Emily Dickinson For a while, I’ve been considering nothing. The nothing my grandmother refused and my grandmother’s grandmother, all of them stretching back through the void with their kinds of certainty bracing the light of the stars. In the Methodist church, my grandmother opened her hymnal,…

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