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Our Heads against the Walls

By Sydney Lea Poetry

“I didn’t get in trouble whenever I drank, but whenever I got in trouble I was drinking,” says Wayne. We’re sitting together with ten inmates in folding chairs. I like Wayne, I like his thinking, I even like his God and his prayers. The herd of Morgan horses in his pasture comes alive with light…

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By Margaret Gibson Poetry

I know a woman who, when she hears wise words uttered, turns her palms upward. She’s as likely to place her hands on my shoulders, to comfort. None of it for show. Palms upward, she’s a basin. Palms downward, a wellspring, rain. May we be basin and well to each other. May we be rainlight…

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Habits of Invention

By Katharine Coles Poetry

Here, in the face of the made, Abandon me. In the dark Where firelight licks Stone walls, begin. I draw My spear and take most Careful aim. Draw the buck The spear is looking for. What if it’s all In my head? I can carry The whole mountain there, The striped cat stalking My shadow.…

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Reflection upon Psalm 121

By Christopher Howell Poetry

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills. I think of that line again as blossoms blow with rain. Beyond the orchard someone sings. Birds cant their heads to ask if this is the tree they remember, if the refugee finds refuge, truly. Steam rises off the pond; or is it a cordite fog,…

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The Steeple and the Gargoyle

By Gregory Wolfe Essay

The following is adapted from a commencement address given for the Seattle Pacific University master of fine arts in creative writing on August 3, 2013. OUR THEME FOR THIS residency has been comedy. As we’ve discovered, it’s a difficult topic precisely because we think we know all about it already. A number of truisms trip…

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At the Amphitheatrum Flavium

By Lise Goett Poetry

From the Janus view of the Janiculum,                      a warren of restricted views. To one’s left, the Vatican. Across the river, the Jewish Ghetto                      created by an edict of a pope, “Since it is absurd and utterly…

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