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The Thorn and the Heart: Anxiety, Irony, and Faith

By Jonathan McGregor Essay

Ø IT WAS ONE OF THOSE OVERCAST October mornings in College Station that look like they ought to be much colder than they are. I walked back to my south-side dorm from the Zachry Center in shirtsleeves, sweating, a zippy mock-turtleneck sweater over my arm. Zachry was an engineering building at the far northeast corner…

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The Wasp on Kierkegaard

By Katy Didden Poetry

If you expect the open air and find instead your feet fast in the dust so that you slip at great speeds down a hard sky, then love it. Rebalance on your three left feet. Extend your right three tenderly, tapping one black tip at a time. And the glass is good, as is your…

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