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By CJ Green Fiction

My feelings toward Izzy changed by the hour. She was the most dominant person I’d ever known, shorter than me but somehow looking down on me constantly. On her left wrist was a tattoo of a cross. I asked if she was religious. She said no.

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A Song on Geronimo’s Grave

By John Blair Poetry

The sun, the darkness, the winds are listening…. —Geronimo, Chief of the Bedonkohe Apache   Boys, I shit you not, it’s Oklahoma, Billy says, the Red River more red than river squatted under the border bridge like the raw ass-end of Mars, dry skin peeled under the flying rubber of Billy’s bald tires. As I drive…

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Sticking the Landing

By Tim Farrington Short Story

The following is an excerpt from The Lazarus Kid, the third novel in a series that includes The Monk Downstairs and The Monk Upstairs (both from HarperOne).   And what I say unto you, I say unto all: Watch.                 —Mark 13:37 YOU HAD TO PICK your battles with thirteen-year-olds. If you fought about everything,…

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