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In Between

By J.G. Jesman Fiction

Gwanda was an entertainer who received applause alongside floggings and detentions. No matter how much the teachers punished him, he always kept a smile on his face, a pleasant kind of protest.

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Rule Out

By David McGlynn Fiction

So much wine—wine with food and wine without, wine while they watched the kids play in the yard and when it was just the women together on a Monday night.

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From The Celestial Sea

By Kathleen Hill Fiction

When I sit here alone, notebook lying open on my writing desk, I find I become someone other than the person I am when walking about or sitting in company or even sleeping.

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The Master

By Lauren Aliza Green Fiction

Relationships, she believed, were built not on loyalty but a system of material and emotional labor, wherein you paid a percentage of your valuable time and energy to receive a percentage of someone else’s valuable time and energy in return. She was suspicious of anyone who claimed purer motives.

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By Joshua Hoft Fiction

Eileen felt that she should deliver the news of her brother’s death in person. She knew she would provide no solace when the time came, that her presence would only heighten the reality of Brandon’s absence; yet her mother was nearing seventy.

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By Anzhelina Polonskaya Fiction

Later, looking at his partially closed eyes, she suddenly remembered a creole word from the country where she had spent her childhood. Sodade. A mixture of nostalgia, tenderness, and yearning, a sense of the fragility of happiness.

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