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The struggle has made my body old—you tore
_____my right side, to balance as I walk

the already stricken left side of my brain—
_____my hip is wrenched, my knee aches, I limp,

and the first step, since I will go my way
_____the best I can now, your way, is I admitted

I was powerless—and who has
_____managed it—my life—and brought me to

this day, in one piece, b’shalem,
_____though I am torn? This time

I have not run away—this time I won’t
_____dissemble—nobody watched before;

now I am watched—you saw—must be alive,
_____because I wrestled and prevailed—won’t say

I won—but had the power to last the night,
_____so that the demon fled, so that the darkness

failed. I will go my way now,
_____but I can’t walk—you’ve made me yours,

yet have not promised I’ll be healed.
_____You fled from me—I

let you go—your wound is
_____what I have for blessing,

pain at my side where
_____I surrender to you—
Vayishlach, Genesis 32:4–36:43

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