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issue 120 cover

Issue 120 | Spring 2024

Issue 120’s cover features an Agnus Dei painting by Ed Fraga, whose narrative cycles echo biblical stories. Also inside: Jessica Jacobs and Phil Metres talk Jewish and Arab American poetry. Daniel Kraft on singer-songwriter John Moreland's hard-earned gospel. Painter Margaret Morrison on finding her peace with the Church of LDS. Thomas Lynch on Freud and grieving an adult child. Susan Hoffman Fishman on art and climate change. A studio interview with Tom Gick, whose paintings are haunted by the specter of his grandmother. Fiction by Dimitris Lyacos on refugee encampments and by Tony Woodlief on gray urban dystopia with one gleam of hope. Lucienne Bestall on the sacred and the erotic. Jeffrey Utzinger on church basement potlucks. Skyler Di Mauro on the search for vocation. Lisa Russ Spaar on new collections by American national treasure Diane Glancy and Polish national treasure Julia Fiedorczuk. Plus poems by Eric Pankey, Sister Ozanne Schumann, and more.

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On the cover: Ed Fraga. Lamb Study #2 (from the Agnus Dei series), 2011. Pencil, oil, and gold leaf on paper. 30 x 23 inches. Photo: Tim Thayer.


Paradigm Shift 

Margaret Morrison


In the Studio 

Tom Gick



William Wenthe, “Before I Understood This Place”

Conor Bracken, Quitter

Rita Mae Reese, On the Fugitive Letters; Once Upon a Time

Lianne Tyrrel, Containment

David Axelrod, When the Middle Game Is Over

Patty Seyburn, Moses on the Well

Sister Ozanne Schumann, Woman of Song; Never Mind

Nathan Manley, Mountain Plover

Jeff Hardin, Long Obedience in the Same Direction

Grady Chambers, Evening Star

Carolyn Oliver, Mine Own Tom Wyatt

Kale Hensley, Christina Beyond the Curtain

Paul Mariani, Panic Attack on the Morning of My Eighty-Third Non-birthday

Joshua McKinney, Recalled

Martha Collins, Lent 2023

Katie Hartsock, On the Probability of Christ’s Delight in Our Boys Occasionally Whacking People with Their Fronds During Palm Sunday Mass

Eric Pankey, A Capella

Ernest HilbertMarine Forecast

Robert Cording, Monterchi, 1983

Jim Moore, My Venice; The Entombment of Christ

Lisa Raatikainen, Why I’ve Gone Back to Church

Kai-Lilly Karpman, Snow in Hartford, CT

Garret Keizer, Lenten Easter (print edition only)

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