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We are pleased to announce that Susan Alexander, a poet based on Bowen Island, B.C., has won the $20,000 Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize for her suite of poems,Vigil. 

Hamilton, Ontario native Liz Harmer has taken home the $5,000 runner-up prize for her poetry suite, A Long Engagement. 

Other poets shortlisted for the event were Heidi Garnett, Benjamin Hertwig, and Chantel Lavoie.


About the Prize

The biennial Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize seeks to recognize Canadian poets whose work wrestles with the beauty and complexity of religious faith. In 2019, the winner and runner-up will be awarded $20,000 and $5,000 respectively, by a panel of three celebrated writers: Lorna Goodison, Chelene Knight, and Scott Cairns.

The 2019 Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize will be awarded to a poet who is hammering out new forms and new language to express the ineffable today. The prize seeks to encourage writers whose poems provide access to spiritual experience, awakenings that cast light on the world and make it known. We want to hear from poets who are grappling with transcendence and the divine, those for whom poetry is—as Christian Wiman would describe it—a form of theology.

Launched in 2016, the Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize is presented by Image,  with support from Cardus. It’s open to all writers currently living in Canada and Canadian citizens living abroad. All shortlisted nominees will have their work considered for publication in Image.


More about the Prize:

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