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Issue 30


With essays by Hwee Hwee Tan, Denis Donoghue, and Jeanne Murray Walker; a conversation with National Book Award-winner Lloyd Alexander; and the “weirdness of modern faith” as portrayed by Melissa Weinman. Plus, poetry by Margaret Avison, Kelly Le Fave, Catherine Sasanov, and Roger Williams; fiction by David McGlynn; and more.

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, The Form of Faith


David McGlynn, The Space Between Our Bodies
Ira Gold, Love Offerings


Margaret Avison, Other Oceans
Robert Siegel, Two Poems
Kelly Le Fave, Saint Agatha
Catherine Sasanov, Raise the Dead Inside My Given Name
Daniel Tobin, The Sea of Time and Space
Lawrence Dugan, The Philadelphia Saint Francis
James Ragan, The Bee Bee Gun
Roger Williams, Two Poems


A Conversation with Lloyd Alexander

Visual Arts

Randall Kenan, The Weirdness of Modern Faith; or, Quantum Christianity in the Images of Melissa Weinman
Roger Feldman, Off-Centered Consequences


Denis Donoghue, The Death of Satan
Hwee Hwee Tan, In Search of the Lotus Land
Jeanne Murray Walker, Saving Images


Linford Detweiler, Missionary Training

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