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Issue 60


Our twentieth anniversary issue! In the symposium “Fully Human,” nine artists and writers consider how art enlarges our sense of human calling. Plus, a conversation with singer-songwriter Sam Phillips; an essay by Christian Wiman; poems by Franz Wright, Joanna Solfrian, Dick Allen, and Terri Witek; fiction by Ron Hansen; four painters discuss contemporary painting; and more. We had to add pages to this issue in order to pack all this goodness in!

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Editorial Statement

Gregory Wolfe, Fully Human


Ron Hansen, The Sparrow
Kelcey Parker, Lent
Farrell O’Gorman, Shibboleth


Scott Cairns, Two Poems
Richard Michelson, Two Poems
Franz Wright, Anniversary
Dan Murphy, Medieval Miniatures
Joanna Solfrian, Two Poems
Anya Silver, Two Poems
William Coleman, Two Poems
Terri Witek, Parsonage with Two Maples
Dick Allen, Two Poems


A Conversation with Sam Phillips

Fully Human

Ron Austin
Robert Cording
Harold Fickett
Makoto Fujimura
Margaret Gibson
Stanley Hauerwas
Ena G. Heller
Paula Huston
Valerie Sayers

Visual Arts

Theodore L. Prescott, Desire and Longing: Image Artists after Twenty Years
Wayne Adams, Alfonse Borysewicz, Catherine Prescott, Tim Rollins, Four Corners: Painters Frame Contemporary Painting


Christian Wiman, God’s Truth Is Life

Book Review

Brian Volck on Robert Clark’s Dark Water

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